Wulf Uni Compact Vape Battery Combines Stealth, Stability, & Power

The Wulf Uni compact vape mod, powered by Yocan, is a stealth, palm-sized vape battery with functions that enhance cartridge security and stability, heating and monitoring, vapor production, and power flexibility.

Wulf Uni Design

Picture of Wulf Uni compact vape battery standing upright with cartridge
The Wulf Uni dimensions are approx 3″ x 1/2″ x 1″


The Wulf Uni compact vape mod is stealthy. It is 3 inches high, about 1/2 inch wide, and about an inch deep. It fits as snugly in the palm of the hand as it does in a pocket or purse.


The Wulf Uni is designed for stability. It features a wider, rounded, more weighted side that settles readily into the crease at the bottom of a pocket. The opposite side, where the button resides, is narrower, lighter, and squared off, keeping that side face-up so the button isn’t depressed through contact with clothes or body.

In short, the Uni is stable enough to be left in standby mode and placed in a pocket or purse without the risk of inadvertently activating the unit’s heating element.

Image of top of Wulf Uni
The Wulf Uni compact vape battery features a wider, rounded, more stable, weighted side that settles readily into the crease at the bottom of a pocket.

Wulf Uni Features

The Uni includes three features that enhance cartridge stability and security.

Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

Magnetic adaptors are common to vape batteries modified for use with cannabis oil cartridges because the batteries were originally designed for the larger eJuice carts.

The Wulf Uni’s magnetic adaptor enables the connection of a smaller, 510 thread cartridge to the unit while maintaining a fixed, secure connection between oil and heating element.

Geremy, my go-to guide at Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop, recommended the Wulf Uni over the CCEL Palm largely because the Uni’s magnetic adaptor is larger and more secure, while the Palm’s is diminutive, weak, and easily lost.

Image of 510 thread adapter and vape aperture
A 510 thread magnetic adaptor and adjustable aperture secure the top and bottom of a cartridge inside the unit.

Adjustable Aperture

The Wulf Uni compact vape battery also cleverly includes an adjustable aperture at the top of the device that can be opened or closed to anchor the cartridge just below the mouthpiece. The unit accommodates carts from 6mm to 12mm in diameter. Together, the powerful magnetic adaptor and adjustable aperture secure and stabilize the atomizer at both top and bottom.

Leveling Switch

The third of these stabilizing features is a kind of switch that enables the adjustment of the cartridge height as it protrudes from the top of the unit.

There are 3 levels to accommodate differently sized 510 threaded carts (the minimum cartridge height is 42mm). Full gram cartridges can be lowered into the unit so that only the mouthpiece projects from the aperture, while half-gram carts can be raised to ensure vapor access. Situating a cartridge at the lowest reasonable level enhances the unit’s stability, security, and stealth.

Image of Wulf Uni compact vape battery level switch and window
The leveling switch and oil level window are on the side opposite the button. The wheel at the top controls the aperture.

Additional Feature

Oil Level Window

The Wulf Uni is also designed with a narrow “window” on the wide, rounded side of the unit to allow users to track the amount of oil remaining in a cartridge. The window is helpful, in theory, since only the cartridge mouthpiece is visible protruding from the top of the device.

Unfortunately, the oil-level window isn’t very practical. It is difficult to recognize either cartridge or oil through the narrow slit. Even with a flashlight, it is hard to gauge what lies behind the window. In the end, it is easier and more accurate to simply open the aperture and lift the cartridge from the unit.

Wulf Uni Compact Vape Battery

Variable Voltage

The Wolf Uni compact vape battery is designed with a 650 MAH battery, more powerful than the seemingly ubiquitous 500 MAH batteries included with most standard vape units. The Uni features “variable voltage” which allows the user to choose from 3 power settings, providing greater control over vapor production, battery life, potency, and flavor.


Wulf instructs users to charge the Uni battery for no longer than 2 hours on its first powering-up, and no longer than 1 hour thereafter. Charging the unit via computer USB port generally takes less than the maximum allowed charge time and should be monitored. Once recharged the unit should be removed from the charger.

Battery Life

I’ve owned my Wulf Uni for about 2 weeks and have only recharged it once. I use the device intermittently during the day and on evening walks and only leave it in standby mode while walking. I’m not sure I truly needed to recharge it, but I wanted to avoid losing power while out on a walk.

Unlike the Pax ERA, the Wulf Uni compact vape battery doesn’t include a power meter, making it almost impossible to track battery status. Predictive recharging requires proactive monitoring of device use and performance over time to become familiar with the Uni’s power dynamic and anticipate battery drainage.

I keep the Uni powered at the middle setting (moderate vape temperature) and tend to take 3 or 4 draws of 4 to 6 seconds each when using the unit. I do this maybe 4 times on a typical day.

Recharging the Wulf Uni once every two weeks for less than an hour is an extremely small price to pay for reliable, daily, multi-session, discreet vaping.

Pass-Through Charge Vaping

Should the battery drain at an inopportune moment, the Uni also features “pass-through” charging, meaning the device can be used while it charges. If you’re at a computer it is easy enough to keep the micro USB cord connected and in place while vaping at the same time. If you’re out and about, a compact back-up power unit (i.e. a portable charger) will also connect via the included micro USB cable and enable “pass-through” use.

Wulf Uni Compact Vape Battery Operation

Single Button Device

The Wulf Uni compact vape battery operates as advertised and the quirks I’ve experienced are consistent with other multifunctional vape batteries I’ve used. I have imprecise, fumbling fingers, which is why I’ll never be an ace guitarist and why I, as well as others, sometimes struggle to operate a single-button device.

Powering On & Off

The Wulf Uni, like so many other vape batteries, is turned on and off by quickly pressing the device’s button 5 times in a row. The on and off function works seamlessly if you are skilled at button pressing, but may require repeat efforts if you’re as unskilled as I.

10 Second Preheat

Once turned on, the unit remains in standby mode until the user wants to take a draw. The Wulf Uni includes a 10 second “preheat” function that enables the user to begin vaping right away. Without this function, the first, quick draw taken is very weak, producing almost no vapor.

I haven’t yet found myself in a situation where this function is essential, although I have used it for a few stealth sneak-a-tokes. Pushing the button twice in rapid succession activates this function and will deactivate it if desired before the 10 seconds expire.

Changing Voltage Settings

The Wulf Uni compact vape battery includes 3 voltage settings, enabling user control over vape temperature, flavor, potency, and battery life.

Pushing the button 3 times changes the unit’s voltage output. The power level is indicated by the trio of green lights positioned just above the button. The unit flashes 1 light for low voltage, 2 lights for medium, and 3 lights for the highest setting.

I keep my Uni at the middle setting for an enjoyable balance of flavor and potency.


In standby mode, pushing and holding the button while inhaling is all that’s needed to produce vapor, as is the case with other button-activated vape batteries. When finished inhaling, release the button, then press and hold it again for the next draw.

If the unit is powered off, it will need to be turned on again before the button will function. To turn the Uni off for storage, simply depress the button 5 times in rapid succession.

Wulf Uni compact vape battery with button and lights (unlit)
The Wulf Uni uses single-button control. Three small lights right above the button flash green to indicate different battery functions.

Wulf Uni Indicator Lights

Three Green Lights

The Wulf Uni compact vape cartridge features 3 tiny green lights situated just above the button. Their significance vis a vis battery power is discussed above, but the lights are also designed to indicate other battery functions, as listed, below.

Interpreting The Lights

  • Powering on and off: All 3 lights blink 3 times after pushing the button 5 times to confirm the unit is turned on or off. If you do not see the 3 lights blink, the unit is still either on or off and you’ll need to try again.
  • Preheat mode: The first 2 lights turn on and remain on until preheating is turned off either manually, by pushing the button twice, or after 10 seconds expire.
  • While vaping: When pushing and holding the button to draw vapor, the lights that illuminate correspond to the voltage setting. My voltage is in the middle slot, so I see 2 lights illuminated when I depress the button to vape.
  • No cartridge recognized: All 3 lights blink 5 times. This could also mean a poor connection or a loose adaptor, so check to see that the cartridge is securely in the chamber and that the adaptor is screwed on tightly before switching to another cartridge.
  • No power: When battery power is completely drained, all lights flash 10 times and the unit powers off.
  • Charging: All lights blink 8 times when the battery is fully recharged, then the unit should power down automatically. Double-check by pressing the button once to be certain the unit is off. If you push the button and see lights, the unit is still “on” in standby mode.
  • Short circuit: All 3 lights light up and stay lit (they do not blink). This doesn’t mean the unit is dead. It seems to mean that the Uni doesn’t understand the button command and needs to reset. Simply push the button 5 times to power the unit off. Then power it back on again. The instructions state that a short circuit is indicated by the lights flashing 3 times, but this makes no sense (because the triple-flash is an indication that the unit is turned on or off).

Wulf Uni Style & Price

Image of the black green splatter Wulf Uni style
The unit comes in several stylish “splatter” color designs.

Splatter Style

The Wulf Uni is designed for stealth, security, and performance, but also comes in several stylish designs including splattered Black Green (like mine), Black Red, Black White, White Red, Teal Black, and White Black.


Wulf Mods sells the Uni on its website for about $40 but there are discounts available. The site’s landing page currently displays a 20% off Labor Day discount code. I purchased my Wulf Uni at Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape shop for under $30 after applying the store’s Yelp check-in discount.

Wulf Uni Final Thoughts

Long Term Optimism

Although Reddit users seem to throw shade at Wulf vape mods generally, I didn’t notice anyone dumping on the Uni. So far my Wulf Uni has performed reliably well and I have no reason to believe that will change.

However, anything is possible over time, and I’ve only had my unit for a few weeks. I’ve been burned in the past by posting gushing reviews only to be let down by the business or brand I had so highly praised.

To the extent that flawed technological devices tend to break right away, and given that mine still runs flawlessly, I’m going to stay optimistic about the Wulf Uni compact vape battery. But should it fail, I’ll be quick to amend this review to warn consumers away.

High Recommendation

For now, I highly recommend the Wulf Uni to anyone seeking a compact, affordable, and reliably performing vape battery. It is a go-to device to use when taking any of Raw Garden’s mindblowing cartridges out for a stroll.

If you live in the East San Fernando Valley, cruise on over to Moon Wulf Smoke & Vape Shop in North Hollywood and talk to Geremy. He’ll give you the rundown on the Wulf Uni and you’ll leave the store knowing much more about vape devices than you did when you arrived. Your vape cartridges will thank you.

Wulf Uni Compact Vape Battery Mod Long Walk Spotify Playlists

Playlist 1

Playlist of music to listen to while using a Wulf Uni compact vape battery mod to take draws of Raw Garden refined live resin while on long walks.
  1. Neil Young – Harvest
  2. The Easybeats – Sorry
  3. Van Morrison & Them – I Put a Spell on You
  4. Alice Cooper – Killer
  5. The Dukes of Stratosphear – Vanishing Girl
  6. Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Twine Time
  7. Black Flag – Spray Paint
  8. David Bowie – Black Country Rock
  9. Love – Your Mind and We Belong Together – Single Version
  10. The Congos – Sodom & Gomorrow
  11. The Kinks – House In the Country – Mono Mix
  12. XTC – When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty
  13. Joe Jackson – It’s Different For Girls
  14. Beck – Dead Melodies
  15. Young Marble Giants – Credit In The Straight World
  16. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Ballade de Melody Nelson
  17. The Runaways – I Love Playin’ With Fire
  18. Derrick Harriot – The Girl’s Alright With Me
  19. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Pirate Love
  20. Icewater – All I See Is You

Playlist 2

Another playlist of music to listen to while using a Wulf Uni compact vape battery mod to take draws of Raw Garden refined live resin while on long walks.
  1. ZZ Top – Just Got Paid
  2. Andrew Oldham Orchestra – The Last Time
  3. Fleetwood Mack – Man of the World
  4. Alex Chilton – I Can Dig It
  5. Lou Reed – Perfect Day
  6. David Bowie – Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide
  7. Harry Nilsson – Coconut
  8. The Long Ryders – Join My Gang
  9. Yo La Tengo – We’re An American Band
  10. Alex Harvey And His Soul Band – Parchman Farm
  11. The Electric Prunes – Little Olive – Single Version
  12. The Association – Everything That Touches You
  13. Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
  14. Serge Gainsbourg – Des laids des laids – Dub Style
  15. XTC – Mayor Of Simpleton
  16. The Who – Melancholia
  17. Nina Hagen – TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)
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