Vaping Crisis Elicits State Responses

Marijuana Business Daily this morning provides an update about state government responses to ongoing reports of illnesses and deaths caused by tobacco and cannabis vaping products.

Bart Schaneman reports that state regulators are taking a “wait-and-see” approach to the problem, seeking more information to determine specifically what is causing so much respiratory harm.


Of the state responses, writes Schaneman, California’s most directly confronts both tobacco and cannabis vape products. On Monday, Governor Newsom signed an executive order initiating a severe response to the public health threat that:

Creates a public awareness campaign focused on the potential dangers of vaping both tobacco and marijuana.

Asks for recommendations on mandating additional warning signs for vaping product packaging and at retail locations.

Ramps up enforcement against counterfeit e-cigarettes and cannabis products as well as those who sell to minors.

How State Cannabis Regulatory Agencies Across the U.S. Have Responded to the Vaping Health Crisis, Bart Schaneman, Marijuana Business Daily, 9/18/19

California’s public health officials as of this morning have yet to provide specific notifications about the executive order to licensees.

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Other states are responding in a variety of ways:

Colorado & Massachusetts

Colorado is prepared to target vaping health threats once the specific causes are pinpointed, while Massachusetts conducts investigations, solicits reports of additional vaping illnesses, and clamors for new regulations forcing manufacturers to disclose all vape cartridge ingredients.

Michigan & New Jersey

Michigan’s governor instructed the state’s health officials to produce new regulations prohibiting all sales of “flavored nicotine vaping products” and preventing deceptive advertising  about vaping. The governor did not address cannabis-sourced vape oils or cartridges.

New Jersey’s Democrat state senate leader is demanding the cessation of all vape product sales, both cannabis, and tobacco, while the governor has convened a vaping task force set to report its findings in about 3 weeks.

New York

In New York, Governor Cuomo is seeking a ban on all flavored nicotine products, while the state’s health department is advising dispensaries to emphasize the state’s testing and close coordination with canna-businesses. In consideration of the lack of any reported cannabis vape illnesses in the Empire State, officials are confident that over the counter cannabis vape products there are safe.


Oregon is responding to the vape crisis by requesting that dispensaries follow a series of guidelines to provide consumers with as much information as possible. Specifically, they are requesting that dispensary managers review all in-store vaping products to determine if they meet proper standards.

As a result, some Oregon dispensary managers have begun returning certain suspect products to distributors and manufacturers. Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission additionally requests that dispensaries make available to customers all CDC issued warnings about vaping.

Pensylvania & Washington State

None of Pensylvania’s vaping related illnesses are attributed to legally purchased cannabis products. The state is instead focused on promoting consumer awareness about the dangers of black market vape cartridges. Regulators in the state seek greater transparency for consumers and are working to meet the public’s need for more information regarding vape cartridge ingredients.

Finally, Washington State officials are continuing their discussions about the issue as they prepare to formulate an effective response in consultation with industry reps and regulators in other states.

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