Slide Show: East San Fernando Valley Cannabis Dispensary Exterior Design in Black & White

Cannabis dispensary exterior design is now a common feature of the commercial landscape here in the east San Fernando Valley. Dispensaries are so prevalent and so commonly seen by us as we commute from neighborhood to neighborhood that most of us no longer take note of their external uniqueness, the character of their facades, or their impact these exteriors have on our feelings about the Valley’s commercial terrain. 

Survey of Cannabis Dispensary Exterior Design

I recently began documenting local cannabis dispensary exterior design on my walks through North Hollywood, Studio City, and adjacent neighborhoods, where many such storefront facades are heavily clustered. The 24 black and white images included in this post are only a small sampling of the shops abounding in the east Valley, but they provide a diverse view of the different dispensary styles and forms encountered here on a daily basis.

Blending Into The Commercial Landscape

San Fernando Valley Residents see and engage cannabis dispensary exterior design every day, whether we consume cannabis or not. I can’t travel very far outside of Burbank before seeing a green cross or punny dispensary sign. But in the years since California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, most of us have come to take for granted the subtle and sometimes overt ways in which dispensaries continue to affect our perceptions of the ever-evolving valley commercial environment.

A Dispensary Exterior Design Niche

As you gaze at the slide-show images, ask yourself if in the years before legalization you ever dreamed cannabis commerce would become so common and so prevalent. Ask yourself if you ever could’ve imagined legalization would become so normative that cannabis dispensary exterior design would carve out its own niche, perhaps taking the place of the now near-extinct record store exterior design or book store exterior design or drive-in diner exterior design.

What does cannabis dispensary exterior design mean to you?

Please post your comments, below.

The Depicted Dispensaries

The following dispensary storefronts are those included in the slide show. Please see my past dispensary reviews for shopping recommendations.

The Grass Looks Greener at Green Valley Collective

Green Valley Collective sign
Green Valley Collective on Magnolia Blvd., just south of Vineland, in NoHo, CA            (Photo: Leafly)

I have driven up and down Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, CA, and passed Green Valley Collective for longer than the dispensary has been in  business. I would see it clearly almost every day yet never seriously consider patronizing it even though I was a medical marijuana patient in need of a reliable medical dispensary. I can’t account for this avoidance, for there is nothing about the dispensary at all uninviting or worrisome. In fact, in the years preceding medical marijuana legalization, an exotic and woefully under-patronized Jamaican restaurant called Coley’s occupied the spot, and I had dined there in the 1990s. In other words this was familiar territory, inside and out, and yet after six months of reviewing local dispensaries I hadn’t even perused their Weedmaps menu. Why? Continue reading “The Grass Looks Greener at Green Valley Collective”

Calm and Concentrates at Zen NoHo

Zen Noho says Relax

For this week’s field trip, I checked out a local, compliant dispensary called Zen NoHo pre-ICO. This was my first time shopping for meds at Zen NoHo and it was an impressive experience. Their customer service was excellent, the interior was clean, roomy and orderly, the inventory was just the right balance of quality and quantity, and the location is easily accessible. Continue reading “Calm and Concentrates at Zen NoHo”

Compassion, Cleanliness, Compliance: A Dispensary Story

Compassion Union ext
Compassion Union Dispensary, NoHo. Sleek, modern, earth-toned exterior & interior.

Compassion Union is an upscale, modern, professional cannabis dispensary in North Hollywood, California, selling recreational and medicinal marijuana and related products. While its exterior bears the ever-so-slight familiarity of a just built Starbucks cafe, it’s patient-centered inner sanctum is totally unique in that there are no display counters surrounding and separating customers from budtenders. All the products – vape pods and cartridges, edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, etc. – are displayed in cases along the walls of the room, while the flower strains sit in closed containers on a long table in the middle. Customers self-access the containers’ air hole covers to sample the different terpened aromas and gaze through the small, magnified portal to behold the dazzling crystalline trichomes. When customers have questions, there are budtenders standing by to assist and when closer inspection is required, they will happily pull display items from the shelves . As customers make their selections, budtenders gather the corresponding items from the back room and keep together near the register until the customer is ready to purchase. Continue reading “Compassion, Cleanliness, Compliance: A Dispensary Story”