Cannabis-Music Nexus, Clip By Clip


I live in a cannabis-music nexus. A cannabis-music nexus is a place where marijuana-enhanced music listening transforms the conventional act of “listening” into a much deeper, more holistic, enlightening and elevating mind and body musical synergy. In other words, it is a cannabis-infused, music-focused state of mind that makes listening to, watching, performing and contemplating music a purely enjoyable and illuminating experience.

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Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 1

Pot leaf & cassette tape

Swedish Flying Saucer’s Instagram feed ( @swedishflyingsaucer ) is a musical kinescope exhibiting minute long video clips of some of the greatest cannabis-friendly music ever recorded (at least in the last century or so). The clips attempt to capture the essence of the songs, foreshortened by the platform’s video time limits, and ought to pique the interest of even the most milquetoast musical minds. For those unprepared to suss out the full-length cannabis-friendly sounds and images corresponding with the culled clips, this here blog seems a welcoming host for exhibition and ease of access for any regular viewers and readers. Music is meant to be free as the spirit-channeled voices, fingers, and hands creating and performing it. Cannabis heightens listeners’ sensitivities and openness to that freedom of spirit, connecting the corporeal, earth-bound weight of existence with the immortal, inscrutable, intractable life-force propelling all flesh towards a gloriously unknowable destination.

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