Sun Valley Caregivers Is Simply The Best

Sun Valley Caregivers streetwise facade
Sun Valley Caregivers, 11000 Randall St, Ste E, Sun Valley, CA 91352, 818-504-2661 (photo: Yelp)

Sun Valley Caregivers dispensary, in the northeast San Fernando Valley, is a gem of a shop with a huge selection of waxes and vape cartridges from Raw Garden, Arcturus, 710 Labs, Cresco, and many other extractors, refiners, and distillers.

Discounts & Amenities

The store offers a nice first-time patient discount as well as regular weekly discount days for wax and concentrates. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the shop offers 10% off of all wax purchases, and on Fridays, there’s a discount on vape cartridges. SVC hosts in-store demos seemingly every day (check their calendar), including visits by Raw Garden. The staff at Sun Valley Caregivers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Sun Valley Caregivers Tax Breaks

Taxes at Sun Valley Caregivers are consumer-friendly and clearly designed to underscore the shop’s commitment to customer access to cannabis for medical and recreational use. Medical customers like me are charged only 15% sales tax, meaning that on Wednesdays and Sundays Sun Valley Caregivers’ generous discount will cover the tax. The dispensary apparently incorporates excise taxes in their advertised prices yet somehow manages to keep those prices lower than anywhere else I’ve shopped, tax or no tax.

Simple Yet Brilliant Extracts Chart

The store maintains a chart breaking down all the wax on sale, with strain information and other key data. It is on a stand on the counter in front of the waxes case and makes shopping so much easier than it is elsewhere. Why other dispensaries don’t do this is totally beyond me. It takes the pressure off of the budtenders and helps people find what they need. Win. Win.

Best Budtending Team In The Valley

Speaking of budtenders, Sun Valley Caregivers is particularly well-staffed. Chris and Ernesto are friendly, informed, and genuinely interested in helping customers find the best products at the best prices. I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Chris primarily and can’t say enough about his masterful budtending and human relations skills. He’s one of the most engaging and congenial canna-suers out there. Ernesto strikes me as a great budtender as well, though I’ve only worked with him once.

Raw Garden & More

It’s clear from the reviews I’ve previously posted that Raw Garden is my preferred, go-to cannabis brand. Whichever dispensary I patronize, I’m looking for the best deals on Raw Garden products. Sun Valley Caregivers is well-stocked with Raw Garden sauces and diamonds but features other brands as well.

Arcturus Extracts

Last month Chris turned me on to a new live resin brand called Arcturus. Arcturus makes fragrant, delectable, potent live resin sugars that outclass Raw Garden in appearance. Gaze into an Arcturus jar and see the wall-to-wall sparkle of sugary live resin granules almost completely absent of liquidy sauce.

Arcturus Extracts live resin sugar in jar
Arcturus Extracts live resin sugars are pure, sparkling granules without a hint of sauce.

Each dab of Arcturus live resin sugar is intensely flavorful. Contrasting with the wildly complex, almost byzantine, conglomeration of strains and flavors that make up Raw Garden extracts, Arcturus live resin strains like GMO (Garlic Mushroom Onion Cookies) and Blueberry Muffin evoke the discreet aromas and flavors reiterated in the strain names.

Arcturus GMO Cookies

Arcturus GMO Cookies in the aggregate tastes like a savory slice of garlic, mushroom, and onion pizza, although a dabber is likely to taste garlic, or mushrooms, or onions, in any given draw. Open a jar of GMO Cookies and inhale perhaps the most pungent, nose-wrinkling, stinking yet wholly appetizing odor imaginable. GMO Cookies is also an intensely potent indica strain, providing extreme relaxation and pain relief, calming nerves, and promoting sleep.

Arcturus Extracts GMO Cookies live resin sugar box
Arcturus Extracts GMO (Garlic Mushroom Onion Cookies) is intensely potent, pungent, and savory.

Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Sugar

Arcturus Blueberry Muffin live resin sugar is another indica dominant strain designed for pain reduction, relaxation, and sleep. The wax bears a sweet, candied, fruity aroma, and comforts the palate with folksy, homemade, blueberry-infused sweetbread, flavors. It is Arcturus’s down-home dessert accompaniment to the brand’s robustly savory and sophisticated GMO dinner.

Arcturus Blueberry Muffin live resin sugar with box
Arcturus Blueberry Muffin live resin sugar tastes like blueberry-infused bread and is very relaxing.

Arcturus & Raw Garden Complement

Sun Valley Caregivers sells Arcturus live resin sugars for almost the same as their Raw Garden sauces. Both retail for $32 and change, making Arcturus a welcome complement to its Raw Garden competitor. Sun Valley Caregivers recently ran a promotion with Arcturus enabling customers to buy a gram and get a second gram for only $1.

Visit Sun Valley Caregivers

Sun Valley Caregivers is extremely well-staffed, provides generous tax breaks and discounts, is fully stocked with quality, tested, licensed products, hosts regular in-store demos, and is local. After a few months as a Sun Valley Caregivers customer, and after several years patronizing dispensaries throughout the San Fernando Valley, all I can say is that it doesn’t get much better than this. A+

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