Strains in the Spotlight: GG #4

GG#4 Flower
GG#4 / Gorilla Glue / Original Glue flower (photo: potguide dot com)

GG#4, also known as Gorilla Glue #4 or Original Glue, is one of the most reliably effective cannabis strains available for ameliorating pain and promoting physical relaxation. While many Indica strains are known simply for their ability to induce sleep, GG#4, a hybrid strain, is notable for promoting mental and physical relief through pain-management and holistic comfort, making it useful as both a daytime and nighttime palliative. The “Glue” in the name Original Glue refers to the way the strain “glues” the user to the couch by loosening and unwinding muscular tension. The popular GG#4 can be found at local dispensaries and is available in a range of varieties including flower, concentrate, extract, dry sift and more.

Flavor’s GG#4 live resin sugar is the only branded cannabis variety of the strain that I’ve used and contains over 60% THC content, making it far more potent than other forms or varieties of the strain. Dabbing GG#4 live resin sugar with a 710 Life 710-degree e-nail further potentiates the strain’s calming qualities, vaporizing the live resin evenly without burning it. A generous, pea-sized GG#4 live resin sugar dab in the evening relaxes the body, allowing the mind to free itself from pain-awareness and cleanse itself of the day’s toxic accumulation. A similarly sized dab before bed facilitates a near-effortless transition from wakefulness to slumber, as limbs unagitated won’t instigate troublesome tossing and turning.

Cannabis Sativa is known for its stimulating, cerebral, and occasionally psychedelic effects, yet the Sativa genetics in GG#4 promote calmness and physical relaxation in the user. GG#4 was borne of a coupling of three parent strains including Chem’s Sister, a Sativa-dominant variation of the classic Chemdawg, Sour Dubb (also called Sour Dubble), the hybridized child of East Coast Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble, and Chocolate Diesel, the Sativa-heavy offspring of the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. GG#4’s two-thirds Sativa to one-third hybrid provenance is counterintuitive, to say the least, for a strain so kinetically soporific in effect. It appears that GG#4’s palliative value derives from the same characteristics found in some other Sativas that energize the psyche without causing anxiety. Durban Poison, a landrace strain considered a “pure” Sativa, similarly elevates mood and promotes happiness and contentment in the user.

flav gg4 lrs
Flavor GG#4 Live Resin Sugar sells out quickly (photo: shop dot sfvog dot org)

GG#4 is emotionally uplifting and physically and mentally relaxing, providing much-needed relief both to medical and recreational cannabis users. I’ve written previously about the Flavor brand and about their live resin sugars, and I continue to rate them highly for producing quality, affordable and potent extracts. Unfortunately, the GG#4 live resin doesn’t stay on the shelves for long and there is a notable lag time between restockings, leaving medical patients such as myself who suffer from ailments like sciatica and insomnia, reluctantly looking for other options.

As more black market storefronts are shut down and the legal cannabis industry finds its legs, it is time for manufacturers to increase production, expand distribution, and reduce prices. Flavor has an excellent opportunity to establish their brand and grow their company, but they have to up their game as a company. They need a website. And they need to make their shatter products available for retail sale, if, as their distributor’s website indicates, they do exist. I’ve never seen Flavor brand shatter, though I hope one day that I do, and that it is GG#4.

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