Smart Collective Brings the “A” Game

Smart Collective, 10745 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Smart Collective is a humble dispensary, located inconspicuously in the hallway of a single story Toluca Lake office building. Inside the nondescript suite a very clean and spare waiting room accommodates patients while a security guard processes paperwork. The dispensary interior is also clean and orderly and the store’s abundant wares are admirably organized and displayed there in a very limited amount of space.

I picked up a half-gram of Crown Oil Orange Cookies shatter (Photo: Leafly)

Smart Collective’s cases and shelves are well-lit and clean and the spruce and luminous room radiates a feeling of contentedness, warmth, and positivity. My budtender, Annie, was very friendly, very attentive, answered all my questions and made sure my order was correct. She happily checked stock and prices for me and thoughtfully calculated what the total would be with my 15% first-time patient discount so that I could decide whether to add anything else to the order.

Gram of Crown Oil King’s Kush Live Resin Sugar (Photo: Instagram)

Smart Collective hosts an impressive selection of cannabis extracts including more than a few priced to fit modest budgets. I picked up a gram of Crown Oil live resin sugar (King’s Kush) and two half-grams of Crown Oil shatter (God’s Gift & Orange Cookies) as well as a gram Stiiizy pod (OG Kush). Smart Collective had what I needed, the whole experience was a joy and I departed in great spirits. It is most reassuring to know that there are some great folks working in the cannabis industry. These good people – and I hope to be one of them soon enough – are giving their all in support of a successful, legal, safe cannabis industry.

I also grabbed a half-gram of Crown Oil God’s Gift shatter (Photo: Instagram)

In the meantime, the upside for me is being blessed to live near the NoHo, Toluca Lake, Burbank nexus where there are abundant local dispensaries like Smart Collective dedicated to providing safe, legal cannabis products. Each dispensary with its own charm, selection, pricing, discounts, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Life is good!

Big thanks to Annie & the crew at Smart Collective for a superlative cannabis buying experience today!! Looking forward to my next visit. 🙂

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