Semilla HRC – A Boutique Dispensary For You & Me

Semilla HRC is a boutique dispensary and cannabis cultivator located just outside the northwest edge of the Burbank Airport, in Sun Valley. The shop stocks a modest but respectable inventory of competitively priced cannabis products, varieties, and strains, from an array of popular, respected brands.

Semilla HRC logo
Logo for Semilla HRC, 7648 N. Clybourn, Sun Valley, CA (photo: Yelp)

Easy Access, Quick Processing

There is plenty of street parking in front of Semilla HRC. There’s also a parking lot next to the shop, although it isn’t clear how many of the spots in the lot are designated for dispensary customers. I parked on the street because it is uncongested, convenient, and unmetered.

Semilla HRC’s lobby is comfortably-sized with ample seating. I was a little overwhelmed by the stench of what I assumed was a dirty cat box, but it could’ve been something else. I didn’t see any cats or litter boxes in the lobby.

No matter, because my first-time patient information was processed quickly and I wasn’t asked to sign anything. It only took a minute or two before I was at the cannabis counter looking for the full-gram Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise vape cartridge I spotted on the shop’s Weedmaps menu.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

The staff at Semilla HRC are friendly and knowledgeable. The front desk security guard and intake clerk greet customers warmly as they enter and exit the store. The budtender who assisted me was more than happy to answer my questions while highlighting some of the other products in stock.

Raw Garden vs. House Shatter

Alan, the Budtender on duty, greeted me with a smile and walked me over to the concentrates case where the Raw Garden products are kept. I was quite fortunate to grab the last Tequila Sunrise cart in stock because the Raw Garden strain isn’t carried by many local dispensaries.

Semilla HRC house shatter was a bargain, but I passed because it isn’t packaged and the color was darker than in this image (photo: Yelp)

As I perused the shop’s diminutive stock of Raw Garden sauce varieties, Alan brought out a gargantuan slab of Semilla HRC “house” shatter. It was an eighth of an ounce, 3.5 grams, priced at $40.

I considered the slab for a second but decided against it because the color was more amber and brown than clear and because it wasn’t packaged properly and presumably isn’t tested. I have made the mistake of buying inexpensive but inferior wax in the past. The house shatter at Semilla HRC may be perfectly clean and raucously potent, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking a risk.

Low Temp, High Cost Dab Tabs

I’d noticed on Weedmaps that Semilla HRC sells Dab Tabs, an intriguing product I’ve yet to try. I watched a YouTube demo at home and decided I’d investigate further at the shop. Alan and I chatted about dab temperature for the tabs and I decided to buy a ten-pack. That is until I noticed that ten Dab Tabs only amount to a half-gram.

Forty dollars is too much for me to put down for such a small amount, so I passed on the tabs, too.

Dab Tabs, tweezers, and instructions
The jury’s still out on Dab Tabs (photo: Greenrush)

Semilla HRC Pricing & Discounts

Semilla HRC sells grams of Raw Garden sauce for $40 and the brand’s gram-sized distillate cartridges for $60. These prices are a few bucks higher than what is charged at other Sun Valley dispensaries. But Semilla’s list prices are tax-included, effectively offsetting the higher prices. The store also offers a daily 10% happy hour discount between 8:00am-10:00am.

Grow Room On Site

Before I paid and departed the shop, Alan talked up the proprietary flower strains cultivated on-site at Semilla HRC. The grow room is just behind the dispensary and there are windows to view the plants (the drapes were closed during my visit).

Picture of Semilla HRC interior
Semilla HRC maintains a modest but sound inventory and boasts a grow room in the back (photo: Yelp)

CBD For Parents

We also discussed our parents and their respective approaches to cannabis My folks are too old to relate to marijuana, but Alan suggested CBD lotion and tincture options to ease their pains without getting them high.

A Solid Dispensary Option

Semilla HRC isn’t huge. It doesn’t boast a packed inventory like northeast Valley dispensaries Sun Valley Caregivers, Exhalence, or Elevate. Its prices may be a tad on the higher side. But the staff is warm and bright, the shop is very clean and well-organized, the inventory is sound, and there is a nice variety of music playing in the background. Oh, and the prices include tax and the store offers a daily happy hour discount. If you post a Weedmaps menu, you can buy a $10 joint of their flower for a buck.

If you’re in search of a boutique shop off the beaten path or if your go-to dispensary is out of your favorite strain or product, Semilla HRC is worth a visit. At the very least, have a look at the store’s Weedmaps menu and see if they’ve got something that suits you. You might just find what you’re looking for.

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