“Satchmo” Armstrong’s Creator’s Plan

At this stark yet mystical moment of personal reflection and spiritual regeneration, I’m reminded of Louis Armstrong’s vocal cover of Pharoah Sanders’ spiritual jazz epic, “The Creator Has A Master Plan”. It was included on Satchmo’s last release, Louis Armstrong and His Friends, in 1970.

We can imagine Armstrong at the recording session, reflecting on his incredible seventy years of life with total peace and abundant joy, sounding  like he’d just finished hot boxing the mezziest mezzerola he’d ever held in his wrinkled hands, having the time of his life, content in all things, free to keep going wherever his Creator’s plan takes him.

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From the 1970 album, Louis Armstrong and His Friends.  This was Armstrong’s last release before his death.  Bob Thiele at Flying Dutchman Records convinced Armstrong that it would be a good idea to put out a “friends” record for his 70th birthday. This tune is a duet with Leon Thomas on the Pharoah Sanders / Leon Thomas classic. The vocal chorus on “We Shall Overcome” and “Give Peace a Chance” include the likes of Miles Davis, Ornette Colman, Chico Hamilton, and Oliver Nelson.

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