Room to Breathe at Exhalence

This week’s dispensary field trip took me to Exhalence, a well stocked, competitively priced, readily accessible storefront in Sun Valley. The two-story building is easy to spot from the road and sits astern an amply sized parking lot on Roscoe Blvd., just off of Glenoaks Blvd. Those driving up the 5 Freeway from LA can exit right across the street from the shop at Roscoe, and there is a southerly onramp right there as well for the return trip. Exhalence opens earlier than most dispensaries, at 8:00 am, closes at 10 pm, serves medical and recreational patients, and offers online ordering.

Exhalence storefront and amply sized parking lot, right off of the 5 Freeway in Sun Valley (photo: Exhalence)

Exhalence’s roomy parking lot holds at least 10 spots, which suits the larger-than-normal building. The dispensary lobby is spacious and modestly appointed with comfortable seating and calming aromas wafting from scented candles. The front desk is staffed by an affable and efficient admin who processes intake paperwork and checks IDs for returning customers. It was only a few moments after entering before I scrolled down one of the 3 digital sign-up stations and completed the patient agreement. There’s a jar on the desk filled with an assortment of Halloween candy for customers to grab and take home to enjoy once their meds kick in. I figured I oughta wait until my second visit before grabbing free-bees from the front desk (although I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded).

Front lobby is modestly appointed, spacious and comfortable (photo: Exhalence)

For whatever reason, I rarely have to wait anymore in a dispensary’s front lobby, and if I do, it is only for a minute or two. Exhalence was no different, and as soon as the admin handed back my doctor recommendation, the security guard invited me into a very spacious room with a ceiling two stories high, featuring cases and shelves lining the back. The walls and cases are stuffed full of all kinds of flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, waxes…you name it. There were 3 or 4 budtenders working during my visit, one in training, and all were friendly and helpful. The young lady who seemed to be the lead budtender that afternoon was very knowledgeable about extracts and concentrates and offered me good advice.

Dispensary interior is stocked with products and varieties galore (photo: Exhalence)

First time Exhalence customers receive a 15% off discount (minimum $20 donation), softening the tax blow. There are discounts each day, with wax discounts on Shatterdays, and a 15% discount with minimum $25 donation on Sundays. After scrutinizing the extracts brands and products, and with budtender advice, I purchased a gram of Raw Garden Zookies sauce, a gram of Flavor OG Kush live resin sugar & a half-gram OG Kush Stiiizy pod. Total bill came to just over $100. Pretty average pricing – not more, nor less expensive than the comparable local dispensaries I’ve patronized.

Exhalence customers who spend $40 are invited to spin the dispensary goodie wheel for 25 cents. The wheel includes various discounts and accessories and currently lists different premiums than those listed in the picture, below. I spun the wheel and received a 4% discount to be applied on my next visit (which can be combined with the daily discounts). My budtender said she would note the discount in my account for my next visit. There is another premium, however, that I missed out on and which wasn’t mentioned by the admin or budtender but which is noted on the Exhalence Weedmaps page. They offer a rewards program, giving the customer 5% back in credit on every purchase. This is the first dispensary I’ve encountered that offers this kind of rewards program. I’ll have to mention it on my return trip and hopefully, they will make it retroactive to include my purchases this week.

Customers spending $40 or more can pay a quarter to spin the wheel for prizes and discounts (photo: Exhalence)

I’m familiar with the excellent Stiiizy pod and strain (OG Kush) I purchased, and have enjoyed Flavor’s live resin sugars in the past. The Raw Garden brand is new to me, however, and this was only my second Raw Garden purchase. A few weeks back I grabbed a gram of their Bogglegum strain live resin, which is moderately potent yet which seems to enfold the body in full spectrum plant essence when vaped at 710 degrees. I’ve only tried the Zookies sauce once so far, but like it more than the live resin because it is more fragrant and sweet and seems to combine the best characteristics of terpinated distillates and extracted waxes. The live resin is more pungent than sweet and seems to contain the grassy tasting terpene, phyto.

I was very happy with my virgin visit to Exhalence and look forward to return trips. We east valley residents are blessed to be surrounded by a growing number of worthy dispensaries selling quality, safe cannabis products at prices no greater than the Industry norm. In this sense, cannabis is a consumer’s market – at least in my neck of the woods – and customers have the option to patronize a dispensary at a time that is the most cost-effective. The Exhalence discount days that benefit me are on Shatterdays and Sundays, but I tend to make my dispensary visits on weekdays and frequent local dispensaries offering weekday discounts on waxes and distillates. That said, I’m very satisfied knowing that Exhalence is a go-to weekend dispensary should I need one. For all you weekend warrior dabbers out there, Shatterdays and Sundays at Exhalence are made especially for you. Don’t miss out!

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