Raw Garden Vape Cartridges: Kush Berry Punch

Raw Garden vape cartridges Photo of 1 gram Kush Berry Punch cartridge and container
Raw Garden Vape Cartridges contain clear, pure, distilled, and refined live resin that mirrors the brand’s live resin sugars and sauces in flavor, potency, and all-around quality (background image: Beyond Buds: Next Generation book cover)
  • Genetics: Raspberry Kush, Purple Punch F2, and Chemstomper
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Clear liquid oil with a faint yellow tint
  • Texture: Oleaginous liquid
  • Aromas: n/a
  • Dab Temperature(s): n/a
  • Type of Vape Battery: Heavy Hitters standard battery
  • Flavors: 1st draw – sweet pine, fruit, and a sharp note of sour lime; 2nd draw – berry and earthy
  • Effects: Deep physical relaxation, floating feeling, disassociation, tapering off into calm and sleepiness
  • Problems Treated: Insomnia, anxiety, and stress
  • Negatives: n/a
  • Testing: 83.84% Total THC, .2% CBD, 7.70% Terpenes
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 5
  • Try Again: Yes

Raw Garden Sugars & Sauces Dominate

Raw Garden vape cartridges are to portable battery vaping what the brand’s sugars and sauces are to rig dabbing. 

The company dominates the $30-$40 list-price end of the live resin extracts market in Southern California. It produces a seemingly endless array of intensely aromatic, flavorful, and potent, hybridized wax concentrates.

Raw Garden’s sugars and sauces are ubiquitous on local dispensary shelves because they are very well made, and relatively affordable. According to Leafly, Raw Garden’s live resin menu features 166 unique, proprietary, thoughtfully crafted, and authentically designed strains.

Producing Raw Garden Vape Cartridges

The farmers, scientists, and enthusiasts at Raw Garden cultivate their cannabis in the hospitable climate and fertile soil of Santa Barbara County, north of Los Angeles.

The company’s live resin concentrates and refined distillates are extracted from Clean Green certified, organically grown, fresh-frozen, single-source, whole-plant flower.

Raw Garden vape cartridges contain distillate processed with “advanced crystallization techniques” designed specifically for retention of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Live Resin, Refined

Raw Garden only recently began refining its live resin strains into distillate-filled cartridges, a bold move considering the breadth and depth of its competition.

But with brand recognition based on its vaunted sugars and sauces, effective marketing, and consistent product quality, there’s little doubt Raw Garden vape cartridges will soon find success alongside the company’s prized live resin sugars.

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges vs. Stiiizy Pods: Vapor

Advancements in standard vape cartridge configuration (such as replacing the old fiber wick with new ceramic or quartz rods) have vastly improved vape efficiency, increasing both potency and vapor production.

Raw Garden vape cartridges are designed for potency and flavor and rely on vapor production as the fundamental mode of transport for potent, strain-specific, cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes.

Dedicated Stiiizy customers value the potency of Stiiizy’s oil and the voluminous vapor produced by its cartridges’ dual air-flow technology.

But Raw Garden vape cartridges surpass Stiiizy’s distillate pods in vapor production, neutralizing one of Stiiizy’s top selling points, further leveling the playing field on which the 2 brands compete.

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges vs. Stiiizy Pods: Potency

While Raw Garden vape cartridges and Stiiizy pods contain comparable amounts of THC, Raw Garden’s potency is much more concentrated, comprehensive and enduring, requiring fewer vape pen draws.

Despite Stiiizy’s high THC content, the potent effects felt after 3 or 4 hardy vapor hits of its distillate are short-lived, requiring more frequent vaping. Consequently Stiiizy users require more dispensary visits, and more money, to purchase new pods.

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges vs. Stiiizy Pods: Terpenes

Stiiizy’s distillate is high in THC, but isn’t manufactured to maintain innate, strain-specific terpenes. Instead, the company adds food grade terpenes to the distillate to create rainbow candy, strawberry, grape, and other confectionery flavors.

Stiiizy’s Purple Punch, for example, is “tropical punch flavored” and tastes like the “red juice” little kids drink in pre-school. The taste is saccharine, almost cloying, and clearly not germane to the strain.

Test results for Purple Punch distillate show a total terpene percentage of 3.62, compared to Raw Garden’s Kush Berry Punch distillate’s much higher 7.70% terpene content.

This gives us a big clue about Raw Garden’s full-spectrum potency and why it endures while Stiiizy’s artificially flavored effects fade.

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges back of Kush Berry Punch box
Raw Garden Vape Cartridges list the top 3 terpenes and their percentages on the box

Raw Garden Vape Cartridges vs. Stiiizy Pods: Entourage Effect

Raw Garden’s extraction and distillation processes are designed specifically to retain a plant’s inherent characteristics and provide a full-spectrum vaping experience.

The refined live resin contained in Raw Garden vape cartridges is superior to Stiiizy’s distillate because it provides an “entourage effect” that marshals the aggregate strain-specific cannabinoid and terpene properties retained in the refinement process to provide users with the entirety of a strain’s beneficial properties.

Kush Berry Punch refined live resin

Raw Garden’s refined distillate is potent, flavorful, and unlike any we’ve ever experienced

Complex, Bold, and Potent

Raw Garden’s Kush Berry Punch distillate strain is the offspring of 3 hybrid strains: Raspberry Kush, Purple Punch F2, and Chemstomper.

The resulting indica-dominant, refined live resin hybrid is as complex, bold, and robustly flavorful as one might expect with such dynamic, terpene-rich parentage.

Perhaps it is for lack of vaping other distilled live resins, but I am beyond impressed by Kush Berry Punch‘s clarity, and its strain-specific natural flavor and potency.

Heft, Gravitas, and Flavor

Raw Garden’s Kush Berry Punch bears an unusually hearty, rich, complex, and heavy flavor profile. You taste and feel the entourage effect’s heft and gravitas immediately.

My first Kush Berry Punch vapor toke tasted of sweet pine and fruit, with a strong, finishing, sour note. It was so unlike artificially flavored distillates like Stiiizy’s and tasted instead very much like a dab of Raw Garden’s terpene-rich sugar.

I indulged in a second vape drag about 10 minutes after the first and this time tasted the more foundational, fruity earthiness common to indica hybrids like Kush Berry Punch.

I also felt the effects in a more pronounced way. 

Leafly Dot Com Terpene Chart

Myrcene, Limonene, and Beta-caryophyllene

The 3 most prominent Kush Berry Punch terpenes, Myrcene, Limonene, and Beta-caryophyllene, make up the bulk of the strain’s terpene profile.  

Limonene‘s pleasant citrine fruitiness is unwittingly disarming. Nasal passages are coaxed open to allow Myrcene‘s acridity and Beta-caryophyllene‘s spiciness to invade the sinus cavity and all of its tributaries.

The 3 terpenes, along with other residual terps, dance across the sinuses, rapidly moving in and out of facial orifices, causing momentary stupefaction.

The face feels pepper-sprayed, but in a good way. It is intense.

Trichome Institute Interpening Loop Chart
Indica strains are felt in the tip of the nose first, but Kush Berry Punch enfolded my whole face in its potent vapor tendrils (photo: Trichome Institute)

Kush Berry Punch: Effects

Though indica strains are generally felt first at the tip of the nose, I felt Kush Berry Punch vapor penetrate and expand to populate my entire sinus cavity. It impacted my face from the end of my nose up to my eyes, spanning my forehead and encumbering my temples.

The vaporized indica entourage then enfolded my entire head in its kushy hands and worked its way down my body, first causing me to feel physically dissociated, then leaving me comfortably relaxed, sedentary, static, and entropic.

Cloud Chaser‘s Sibling Strain

Raw Garden’s refined live resin Kush Berry Punch is similar in effect to one of my favorite, recently reviewed, dabable Raw Garden strains, Cloud Chaser.

Both strains effect a disembodied feeling, as if floating away, making digits and limbs appear to move on their own.

About 15 minutes after vaping either strain, the feeling of disembodiment reduces to a very relaxed, comfortable, physical calm. It isn’t catatonia, but a very pleasant reduction of nervous energy, worry, and other nagging stressors.

Kush Berry Punch vape cartridge attached to Heavy Hitters standard battery atop Beyond Buds book cover
Raw Garden Vape Cartridges use a standard 510 thread and work with any standard battery, including this basic Heavy Hitters model (background image: Beyond Buds: Next Generation book cover)

Destined for Success, Redux

Raw Garden’s Kush Berry Punch is only one of 94 of the brand’s distillate strains currently listed on Leafly. It is clear the company seeks the same success with its refined live resin distillates as it currently enjoys with the production of over 160 live resin sauce and sugar strains. 

After trying Raw Garden refined live resin Kush Berry Punch, I have no doubt they’ll succeed.

Of Special Note: Sun Valley Caregivers

The fridge keeps Sun Valley Caregivers’ robust wax inventory cool (photo: Vrej S. / Yelp)

I bought my Raw Garden Kush Berry Punch vape cartridge at Sun Valley Caregivers dispensary, in the northeast San Fernando Valley. SVC is a gem of a shop with a huge selection of waxes and vape cartridges from Raw Garden and other extractors and distillers.

The store offers a nice first-time patient discount as well as regular weekly discount days for wax and concentrates. SVC hosts in-store demos seemingly every day (check their calendar), including visits by Raw Garden. The staff at Sun Valley Caregivers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

The store maintains a chart breaking down all the wax on sale, with strain information and other key data. It is on a stand on the counter in front of the waxes case. Why other dispensaries don’t do this is totally beyond me. It takes pressure off of the budtenders and helps people find what they need. Win. Win.

Sun Valley Caregivers is well-staffed, well-stocked, competitively priced, hosts regular in-store demos, and is local. It doesn’t get much better than that. A+

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