Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise Is Made For Walkin’

  • Genetics: SlymerCherry Wine x Kosher Tangie
  • Type: Sativa
  • Appearance: Clear liquid oil with a faint yellow tint
  • Texture: Oleaginous liquid
  • Aromas: n/a
  • Dab Temperature(s): n/a
  • Type of Vape Battery: Wulf Uni mod / compact battery
  • Flavors: Floral, earthy, citrus, pepper, candy, exhaust & pine
  • Effects: Stimulating energy, uplift, and positive vibes
  • Problems Treated: Lethargy, depression, lack of focus, and ennui
  • Negatives: Need to stay active or excess energy will cause the jitters
  • Testing: 78.39% Total THC, 4.21% CBD, 9.89% Terpenes
  • Top 5 Terpenes (by mass): Terpinolene, beta-Myrcene, delta-Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, and beta-Pinene
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 4.8
  • Try Again: Yes
  • Where Purchased: Semilla HRC
Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin box


Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin is a stimulating, high-CBD, sativa strain very similar in terpene content, flavor, and effect to the brand’s Kumquat Cooler distillate. Both strains are effective at countering the symptoms of anxiety and depression by reducing stress and providing uplift, focus, and clarity.

Terpene Twins

CannaSafe testing shows that Tequila Sunrise and Kumquat Cooler are very similar in terpene content. Both feature Terpinolene, beta-Myrcene, and delta-Limonene as the top 3 terpenes (by mass), in that order. Both strains also include beta-Pinene.

The 5 most prominent terpenes detected in Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin are:

  1. Terpinolene
  2. Beta-Myrcene
  3. Delta-Limonene
  4. Beta-Caryophyllene
  5. Beta-Pinene

The presence of beta-Caryophyllene in the top 5 terpenes in Tequila Sunrise notably distinguishes the sativa distillate from its Kumquat Cooler cousin.

Beta-Caryophyllene adds spicy, peppery, and woody flavors to Tequila Sunrise‘s floral, pine and candied citrus sweetness. The spiced and peppered beta-Caryophyllene comports with the refined live resin’s earthy and herbal beta-Myrcene flavors to leave an almost harsh, but surprisingly pleasant, peppered, exhaust gas aftertaste.

At the same time, Tequila Sunrise‘s peppery exhaust contrasts with, while somehow managing to complement, the strain’s candied, delta-Limonene citrus, and rich floral and herbal, Terpinolene flavors, making each draw from Raw Garden’s Tequila Sunrise vape cartridge a dynamic and visceral, full-spectrum gustatory journey.

Fact card for terpene beta-Caryophyllene
Beta-Caryophyllene adds spicy, peppery, and woody flavors to Tequila Sunrise‘s floral, pine and candied citrus sweetness (photo: Leafly)


Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise is produced by crossing the sativa-dominant Slymer (aka Chernobyl), the high-CBD hybrid Cherry Wine, and Kosher Tangie (my favorite sativa strain to date).

The close similarity in terpene content between Tequila Sunrise and Kumquat Cooler suggests a common genetic provenance. To wit, the sativa-dominant strain, Slymer, is a parent common to both strains. Slymer, or Chernobyl, as it is often called, invests each of these offspring strains with classic, sativa-sourced citrus flavors, and cerebral effects.

Cherry Wine is the product of two high-CBD strains, The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. The highly-rated hybrid infuses Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise with full-bodied, woody earthiness and floral and berry notes, blurring the line between savory and sweet.

Raw Garden was thoughtful, if not clever, to include a high-CBD strain in the genetic mix to moderate Tequila Sunrise‘s sativa-sourced stimulation. Cherry Wine‘s adulators are quick to praise the CBD-derived strain’s pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety agents.

Saving the best for last, Raw Garden Kosher Tangie is the sativa-dominant child of Kosher Chem and Sour Tangie parents. I gushed over Kosher Tangie here recently and refer you to that post for in-depth information about the strain.

Kosher Tangie draws from heterodox terpene sources to intensify Tequila Sunrise‘s savory earthiness as well as its citrine sweetness. The strain similarly buttresses Tequila Sunrise‘s Slymer-sourced stimulation while simultaneously supporting Cherry Wine‘s relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

The strains and genetics that combine to form Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise create a whole that surpasses the sum of its parts. Tequila Sunrise‘s entourage effect draws on the distillate’s rich array of flavors and palliative properties to provide the user with a very pleasant, productive, and holistic experience.

3 mechanisms and examples of the cannabis entourage effect (photo: profofpot)

Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise Afternoon Uplift

Whether you walk, bicycle, or big-wall climb, it is key to undertake some kind of physical activity to make use of the excess energy generated by this distillate strain.

I go out walking for about an hour each day to keep the blood flowing and to clear out the mental cobwebs. I take a vape pen with me to draw from whenever I feel my energy and focus flagging and to enhance the overall experience as it unfolds.

Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise, like Raw Garden’s Kumquat Cooler strain, is excellent walking accompaniment. It enhances physical activity without slowing the body or mind, maintaining alertness and attenuation to what’s happening within and without, yet never impeding forward momentum. A draw or two of Tequila Sunrise mid-walk puts needed pep back in a plodding step and keeps the mind humming along with all sorts of creative and imaginative thinking.

Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise & Music

Cannabis has made listening to music more enjoyable for me ever since I first smoked, some 35 years ago. I’m never out on a trek either in my car or on foot without musical accompaniment.

I own a cheap but functional pair of earbuds that in some ways act like studio monitors, reproducing a flat, unenhanced sound, enabling me to hear bass and guitar lines discretely, as if they’re floating on top of the mix. I’m far more focused on this discrete hearing after a few draws of Tequila Sunrise, which, in collaboration with my earbuds, allows me to experience familiar music in new ways.

Girl with headphones smoking a joiint
Cannabis enables me to hear music in new ways (photo: weedistry)

On yesterday’s walk, for example, I zeroed in on the baseline in the Velvet Underground’s “Andy’s Chest” and realized for the first time in over 30 years that Doug Yule’s bass ties the whole song together.

I also noticed the way the big stereo space and echoing coconuts in The Beach Boys’ “Kiss Me, Baby”, from the Beach Boys Today LP, prefigure their use in songs like “God Only Knows” and the title track from the Pet Sounds album.

You can hear both songs on my Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise Refined Live Resin Cartridge Long Walk Playlist 2, below.

“Kiss Me, Baby” includes musical elements that prefigure instrumentation and production used on The Beach Boys’ classic Pet Sounds LP

A Southern California Soundtrack

Cannabis is said to make reality feel like a movie, and perhaps that’s the shorthand that best describes what it feels like to draw on Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise and street-hike.

It could be a blistering afternoon heave down gritty NoHo streets or a shaded stroll up the tree-lined lanes of Toluca Lake. It might be gazing up at the panoramic Verdugo and San Gabriel mountains, or tracing the ridge from the Wisdom Tree to the Hollywood sign atop Bronson Canyon.

In each case, music and cannabis, such as Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin, make East Valley afternoon walks like listening to the Eagles track of the same name and remembering what life was like here so many years ago. To do so is enjoyably surreal, nostalgic, and at times, otherworldly. Much like a movie.

Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise Refined Live Resin Cartridge Long Walk Spotify Playlists

Playlist 1

Playlist of music to listen to on a long walk after a couple of draws of Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin distillate.
  1. Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators – The Big Bass Of Dubs
  2. The Rolling Stones – We Live You – Single Version/Mono
  3. Tommy McCook – Tunnel One
  4. The Astronauts – Down Home Girl
  5. Love – Always See Your Face
  6. John Martyn – Cocain
  7. Big Youth – Mosiah Garvey (Extended)
  8. The Flying Burrito Brothers – Older Guys
  9. Berlin Brats – Tropically Hot
  10. Ramones – Carbona Not Glue
  11. The Uniques – A Yuh (Hey You)
  12. Stereolab – Miss Modular
  13. The Weirdos – We Got the Neutron Bomb
  14. Edgar Broughton Band – The Birth
  15. Henry Mancini – Baby Elephant Walk
  16. Lords Of The New Church – Question of Temperature
  17. Nina Simone – To Love Somebody
  18. Barbara Streisand – Stoney End
  19. Margo Guryan – California Shake
  20. King Tubby, Keith Hudson – I’m Alright
  21. Sparks – Fletcher Honorama
  22. The Rolling Stones – Memory Motel

Playlist 2

Another playlist of music to listen to on a long walk after a couple of draws of Raw Garden Tequila Sunrise refined live resin distillate.
  1. James Brown – Funky President (People It’s Bad)
  2. Lee “Scratch” Perry – Bionic Rats
  3. Simply Saucer – Bullet Proof Nothing
  4. The Damned – Wait For The Blackout
  5. Laura Nyro – Wedding Bell Blues – Live
  6. Flamin’ Groovies – Lady Friend
  7. Tim Buckley – Strange Feelin’
  8. The Stranglers – (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
  9. The Plimsouls – Now (live)
  10. Alice Cooper – Changing Arranging
  11. Frank Zappa (Captain Beefheart) – Metal Man Has Won His Wings
  12. Frank Zappa – Cheap Thrills
  13. Augustus Pablo – Too Late
  14. Roland Alphonso – Jah Shakey
  15. Cheap Trick – ELO Kiddies
  16. Radio Birdman – What Gives? (live)
  17. X – Hot House
  18. The Velvet Underground – Andy’s Chest – “1969” / Original Mix
  19. The 13th Floor Elevators – Wait For My Love
  20. The Beach Boys – Kiss Me, Baby (Mono)
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  1. Hey great article, I really enjoyed it! And imma take that second playlist from ya today thanks! Picked up some shatter of this yesterday and about to go folfing 😁

    1. Raw Garden VAPE CARTRIDGES are made with DISTILLATE. In Beyond Buds, Ed Rosenthal defines distillate as “The refined high-cannabinoid extract produced by distilling concentrates; increasingly the most popular option for filling vape pen cartridges.” Raw Garden refines through distillation its live resin extracts to create its refined live resin distillate. Next time read the article before you bloviate.

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