Raw Garden SYV Breeze Blows All The Stress Away

Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce open container in open box
Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce looks like sugar-infused, pureed nectarine meat
  • Genetics: Kosher OG x Orange Glue x Lilikoi Pie
  • Antecedent GeneticsChemdawg, Hindu Kush, GG#4, Tangie, and Green Crack
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Sugar-infused, pureed nectarine meat
  • Texture: Lumpy, watery applesauce
  • Dab Temperature(s): 515
  • Eight Most Prominent Terpenes: Beta-myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, delta-Limonene, alpha-Humulene, Linalool, alpha-Pinene, and beta-Pinene
  • Terpene Note: SYV Breeze features a larger aggregate terpene mass than the brand’s other varieties. The individual terpenes themselves are heftier (around 3mg) than the standard size. Consequently, for this review, SYV Breeze‘s top 8 terpenes are highlighted.
  • Aromas: Citrus, floral, and candied pine
  • Flavors: Carmalized earth; woody, herbaceous dirt, fringed with sugar, encasing a sweet and oozing citrus filling.
  • Effects: Uplift, euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief
  • Problems Treated: Anomie, depression, anxiety, stress, and achiness
  • Negatives: Heightened appetite
  • Testing: 70.40% Total THC, .68% CBD, 9.90% Terpenes
  • Potency: Strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 4.75
  • Try Again: Yes
  • Where PurchasedSun Valley Caregivers


Raw Garden SYV Breeze is a potent, indica-dominant saucy concentrate cultivated to provide relaxation, positivity, and unparalleled gustatory glee.

Raw Garden SYV Breeze Genetics

Kosher OG & Orange Glue

Relaxation is in store for those dabbing Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce. The strain’s Kosher OG and Orange Glue traits derive from antecedents OG Kush, Hindu Kush, and Original Glue, which together empower SYV Breeze with moodelevating, physically calming, pain- and stress-relieving properties.

A generous, mid-temperature dab of SYV Breeze sauce doesn’t just lift spirits. The pepper-infused vapor impacts the face from the jaw to the forehead, overwhelming the nose from bulb to bridge. As the sinus shock melts into stony satisfaction, facial muscles are soothed and relaxed and the mouth is gently reshaped into a joyful, beaming smile.

Lilikoi Pie

The effects of the Lilikoi Pie parent strain are more oblique because Raw Garden doesn’t provide its genetic information. Although it’s unwise to make assumptions about Raw Garden strains due to the brand’s often unconventional strain hybridization, we can only guess that Lilikoi Pie is the child of Lilikoi and one of the Pie strains, like Cherry Pie.

Lilikoi is a sativa-dominant hybrid descendant of Green Crack and arguably provides SYV Breeze‘s physical and emotional uplift, reconfiguring those kush-softened facial bones into a glowing, upside-down frown. The “pie” component of Lilikoi Pie is anyone’s guess. Could be related to Durban Poison, a strain common to Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, Humble Pie, etc., but I can’t confirm it. If the “Pie” does refer to Durban Poison, this could account for the uplift experienced when dabbing Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce.

Tangie & Chemdawg

Tangie and Chemdawg are additional SYV Breeze grandparent strains that instill the sauce with uplifting and relaxing properties.

SYV Breeze’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Raw Garden SYV Breeze blesses consumers with life-affirming uplift and relaxation, but what I prize most about this sauce is its unusually delicious combination of contrasting kush and candy flavors.

CannaSafe Test Results

SYV Breeze‘s CannaSafe test results show the following 8 most prominent terpenes found in the sauce:

  1. beta-Myrcene
  2. beta-Caryophyllene
  3. Terpinolene
  4. delta-Limonene
  5. alpha-Humulene
  6. Linalool
  7. alpha-Pinene
  8. beta-Pinene


Beta-Caryophyllene, the second-largest terpene found in Raw Garden SYV Breeze, is the spark that gives the sauce its initial kick. Each draw of vapor is a disorienting, spiced infusion heading straight into the sinus cavities that effectively alerts the senses to the coming sensation. It is a wake-up call to those unprepared for the flavors to follow.

Raw Garden packs gastronomic gold in its SYV Breeze sauce. While the citrus, floral, and candied pine aromas delight the olfactory senses, they pale in comparison to the sauce’s flavor. Raw Garden SYV Breeze is a sweet and pungent powerhouse unlike any I’ve tasted from this or any other wax brand.

Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene & Humulene Earthiness

Half of the top 8 terpenes contained in the SYV Breeze strain infuse the sauce with earthy, woody, musky, smoky, and herbal flavors. The pungent, herbaceous full-bodied flavors provided by beta-Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, and Humulene form the savory core of SYV Breeze‘s sweet and loamy sapidity.

Limonene, Linalool & Terpinolene Sweetness

Contrasting in the most complementary way with these earthy flavors is the sweet citrine and floral tang provided by the terpenes Limonene and Linalool. Terpinolene adds additional floral tones. Together these terpenes construct the sweet, candied outer shell into which the sauce’s musky pungency enfolds.

a-Pinene terpene info card
Pinene mediates SYV Breeze’s contrasting sweet and savory flavors and moderates the tension between its relaxing and uplifting effects

Pinene Brings The Entourage Together

Tying Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce’s flavors together into a singularly scrumptious meal requires an additional terpene flavor component, equal parts sweet-floral, and earthy-woody. That flavor is pine.

Alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and Terpinolene are the magic ingredients that mediate between SYV Breeze‘s competing sweetness and pungency, transforming otherwise discrete, contrasting flavors into a seemingly unified, perfectly integrated, entree.

Entourage Effect

Raw Garden SYV Breeze is an exemplary cannabis product. Its many components coalesce to create a seemingly sui generis strain with its own characteristics. This is a superb illustration of what is meant by the “entourage effect,” when cannabis components combine synergistically to affect a consumer as a distinct, unified whole.

Like A Lemon Custard-Filled Diatomaceous Doughnut

SYV Sauce tastes like a lemon-custard filled, diatomaceous doughnut that could be a meal, but is really a satisfyingly decadent dessert.

To dab Raw Garden SYV Breeze sauce is to bite into a sugar-coated, candied frosting, covering a savory, pungent cupcake, and feast upon the citrine-floral filling suspended within. The candied earth flavor gets sweeter with each draw as dabs progress from the frosted kush and Original Glue genetics into their citrine Tangie and Lilikoi center.

Raw Garden SYV Breeze Effects

Like A Calming Breeze

Raw Garden SYV Breeze is best used in the evening for relaxation and stress reduction. The sauce’s dynamic genetics and robust terpene content tend toward sedation, relaxation, pain reduction, and mood-elevation.

A dab or 2 after dinner helps quiet the day’s demons, ameliorating tension and anxiety, soothing aches and pains, and may also help with digestion.

Up, Up, and Away

No need to worry about SYV Breeze‘s sedating effects bringing you down or knocking you out. Some of the same elements that promote relaxation also stabilize mood, alleviating depression, promoting mental alertness, focus, and energy. Limonene’s citrine sweetness powers through the de-stressing process, promoting a sense of wellbeing and positivity, while pinene’s crisp, fresh, forested flavors support alertness and memory, enabling a wakeful engagement in the midst of calm and relaxation.

Final Thoughts

And Away We Go

Raw Garden SYV Breeze is another thoughtfully and skillfully designed wax strain with richly complex aromas and flavors and well-balanced effects. It settles you down, then picks you up, and works wonders when winding down after a long, stressful day.

It is hard to overstate the sensory delight of tasting a sugar-coated, earth-filled, lemon doughnut, or the simple pleasure of combined physical relaxation and mental alertness. SYV Breeze provides both of these, synergistically.

Raw Garden SYV Breeze Live Sauce Chill Out Spotify Playlists

Playlist 1

Playlist of music to listen to while chilling out after a couple of draws of Raw Garden SYV Breeze live sauce
  1. Lloyd Parks – Slaving (Every Day)
  2. Funkadelic – Music for My Mother
  3. Elmore James – The Sky Is Crying
  4. Big Star – My Life Is Right
  5. The Kinks – I Go to Sleep – Demo Version
  6. The Shangri-Las – I Can Never Go Home Anymore
  7. The Flaming Lips & Peter Mokran – Buggin’ – Mokran Mix
  8. The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
  9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Stagger Lee
  10. Fairport Convention – Chelsea Morning
  11. The 13th Floor Elevators – Kingdom of Heaven (Is Within You)
  12. Irma Thomas – Wish Someone Would Care
  13. Augustus Pablo – Revelation Time
  14. BMX Bandits – That Lonely Feeling
  15. Television – Guiding Light
  16. The Delmonas – You Did Him Wrong
  17. The Beach Boys – Be With Me – Demo
  18. Neil Young – On The Beach

Playlist 2

Another playlist of music to listen to while chilling out after a couple of draws of Raw Garden SYV Breeze live sauce
  1. Nico – These Days
  2. Wipers – Wait a Minute
  3. Matthew Sweet – Reaching Out
  4. Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch – Mono Single
  5. King Tubby – Party Mood Dub
  6. Derrick Harriott – Been So Long / You Lied to Your Daddy
  7. John & Beverley Martyn – Go out and Get It
  8. Emmit Rhodes – You’re A Very Lovely Woman
  9. The Rolling Stones – If You Really Want To Be My Friend
  10. Alex Chilton – Oogum Boogum
  11. Dr. John – I Walk on Guilded Splinters
  12. The Creation – How Does It Feel to Feel – US Version
  13. Christine McVie – I’d Rather Go Blind
  14. The Revolutionaries – Whip Them in Dub
  15. Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
  16. Duster Bennett – Jumping At Shadows
  17. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit – Mono Single Version
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