Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler Sizzles The Senses

  • Genetics: SlymerSour Tangie
  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Clear liquid oil with a faint yellow tint
  • Texture: Oleaginous liquid
  • Aromas: n/a
  • Dab Temperature(s): n/a
  • Type of Vape Battery: Wulf Uni mod / compact battery
  • Flavors: Pine and clove muddled into underripe tangerines
  • Effects: Stimulating uplift, energy, and focus
  • Problems Treated: Lethargy, depression, lack of focus, and ennui
  • Negatives: Overabundance of excess energy / nervous energy
  • Testing: 85.21% Total THC, .13% CBD, 9.93% Terpenes
  • Top 5 Terpenes (by mass): Terpinoline, beta-Myrcene, delta-Limonene, alpha-Pinene, and beta-Pinene
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 4.5
  • Try Again: Yes
  • Where Purchased: Sun Valley Caregivers


Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler is a sativa-heavy refined live resin distillate strain with a sharp and spicy, citrine heft that impacts between the eyes and billows into the sinus cavity like a cloud of ground peppercorn. 

Each draw of Kumquat Cooler vapor is a sharply peppered, pungently sweet shock to the system. The heated vapor stings the bridge of the nose, causing the eyes to scrunch-up reflexively and issue a cheek-bound terp tear or two.

Picture of Raw Garden vape cartridge and box that resembles Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler
Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Distillate Half-Gram Cartridge & Box (photo: Greenrush)

Search For A Similar Sativa

Sun Valley Caregivers in the northeast Valley carries a sizable selection of Raw Garden live resin sugars, sauces, and distillate cartridges. I selected Kumquat Cooler from among their many offerings because it seemed to most closely resemble my favorite Raw Garden live resin sativa strain, Kosher Tangie.

Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler is the hybrid child of sativa-dominant strains Slymer (a clone-only phenotype of Chernobyl) and Sour Tangie (produced by crossing Sour Diesel with Tangie).

Both Kumquat Cooler and Kosher Tangie feature Sour Tangie’s pungently citrine aroma and flavor. The former’s Slymer strain genetics add an additional burst of sativa citrus that obliterates any hint of residual indica earthiness.

Sun Valley Caregivers Dispensary Vape Cartridge Selection
Sun Valley Caregivers Stocks A Huge Variety of Vape Cartridges & Pods [The Raw Garden carts are just outside the frame, on the right] (photo: Yelp)

Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler Citrine Spiciness

Kumquat Cooler’s soured citrine sweetness tastes of pine and clove muddled into under-ripened tangerine. The distillate’s spicy, peppery, sizzle belies all antecedent indica genetics from grandparent and great-grandparent strains. I detected no sign of the berry or tropical fruit flavors that might otherwise linger in the strain’s vestigial DNA.

CannaSafe & Raw Garden Testing

CannaSafe, in Van Nuys, CA, seems to do most, if not all, testing of Raw Garden products. Test results for all of Raw Garden’s live resin sauces, sugars, and distillates, are linked on the brand’s website. Raw Garden also prints testing links on all cartridge packaging for ease of consumer access.

CannaSafe laboratory worker testing cannabis products
CannaSafe is the Leading Lab for Cannabis Testing in California (photo: High Times)

Kumquat Cooler’s Most Prominent Terpenes

Raw Garden sent its half-gram Kumquat Cooler cart distillate for testing in March. The findings show the 5 most prominent terpenes of those detected, in order of mass, are:

  1. Terpinolene
  2. Beta-Myrcene
  3. Delta-Limonene
  4. Alpha-Pinene
  5. Beta-Pinene

Of these top 5, Terpinolene and beta-Myrcene are most present in terms of mass. Both terpenes produce herbal and floral flavors, among others.

Delta-Limonene’s presence is by comparison much reduced, but the citrus flavors it produces engage the olfactories more incisively than the more massive terpenes.

Alpha- and beta-Pinene are isomers, meaning each has the same number and type of atoms but differs in chemical structure and properties from the other (much like the relationship between THC and CBD). 

While alpha-Pinene produces a more conventional pine flavor, beta-Pinene, found in ginger and nutmeg, has a spicier edge. Together these two terpenes enfold the more massive citrine and floral elements listed above in a pungent, peppered, pine and clove-infused cloud that dominates the senses.

A Terpene Entourage Effect

These 5 terpenes, in conjunction with the 13 additionally detected, work together to produce Kumquat Cooler’s intensely spicy and pungently sweet tastes. They also collaborate to help fight cancer, inflammation, anxiety, lack of focus, and depression, among other maladies.

I’ve come to appreciate the uplift and energy produced by sativa-dominant strains like the landrace, Durban Poison, and the aforementioned Raw Garden Kosher Tangie. 

Kumquat Cooler emulates some of the best qualities found in my favorite sativa strains, providing uplift, energy, focus, and stability, but doesn’t quite surpass them in flavor and potency.

Not For The Nervous / Energy To Burn

Kumquat Cooler’s flavor is intense and produces beneficial uplift and energy, but there’s a slightly anxious edge to it that could negatively affect anyone predisposed to nervousness. I recommend vaping Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler before a physical activity like street-hiking, basketball, drumming, or any other action that will process all the excess energy.

Strains & Cartridge Sizes

Kumquat Cooler refined live resin distillate currently is only sold in half-gram cartridges. Other Raw Garden sativa cartridge strains with similar terpene profiles are available, some in gram and others in half-gram sizes. 

Raw Garden Citron Funk: A Preview

This morning on my return trip to Sun Valley Caregivers I picked up a full gram cartridge of Raw Garden’s Citron Funk distillate. Its genetics are more balanced than Kumquat Cooler’s, with a double dose of Original Glue parentage, plus Tangie and Leeroy OG. Leafly indicates Citron Funk is a sativa-dominant strain, while the packaging labels the strain “indica-dominant”.

So which is it? If nothing else, Raw Garden shows incredible imagination and creativity in producing potent, aromatic, flavorful, live resin strains that affect users in a myriad of nuanced ways. In a sense, they’ve moved beyond the simple sativa vs. indica dichotomy and into uncharted territory as awesome as it is unpredictable.

The jury’s in on Kumquat Cooler. Citron Funk? No doubt I’ll have much to say in the near future.

Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler Refined Live Resin Cartridge Long Walk Spotify Playlists

Playlist 1

Playlist of music to listen to on a long walk after a couple of draws of Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler refined live resin distillate.
  1. Lee “Scratch” Perry (“The Upsetter”) – Dub of Parliament
  2. Patti Smith Group – Poppies
  3. The Nomads – I’m 5 Years Ahead of My Time
  4. The Fall – Rowche Rumble
  5. Derrick Harriott – Sitting On Top – I Gotta Know Now
  6. Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?
  7. Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug
  8. T.S.O.L. – Thoughts Of Yesterday
  9. NEU! – Hero
  10. The Who – Tattoo – Includes “Church Of Your Choice” Jingle
  11. The Stooges – Real Cool Time
  12. George Harrison – Beware Of Darkness
  13. The Partridge Family – Every Little Bit O’ You
  14. Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’
  15. The Monkees – For Pete’s Sake (Closing Theme)
  16. Beth Orton – Sweetest Decline

Playlist 2

Another playlist of music to listen to on a long walk after a couple of draws of Raw Garden Kumquat Cooler refined live resin distillate.
  1. The Kinks – Celluloid Heroes
  2. Yo La Tengo – The Cone of Silence
  3. The Velvet Underground – Oh Gin – Demo Version
  4. Nick Drake – Black Eyed Dog
  5. The Lazy Cowgirls – D.I.E. in Indiana
  6. The Beach Boys – Slip On Through
  7. Leroy Sibbles – Love Won’t Come Easy
  8. Grand Funk Railroad – The Loco-Motion
  9. Ween – Flutes of Chi
  10. Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser
  11. Radio Birdman – Man With Golden Helmet
  12. Danny & The Juniors – At The Hop
  13. The Yardbirds – A Certain Girl
  14. The Replacements – Nightclub Jitters
  15. The Music Machine – Cherry Cherry
  16. Todd Rundgren – Couldn’t I Just Tell You
  17. The Meters – Wichita Lineman
  18. Dinosaur Jr. – Quest
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