Raw Garden Kosher Chem Vape Carts Keep Things Lit

  • Genetics: Kosher Kush x Chem Dawg
  • Antecedent Genetics: Unknown
  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Clear liquid oil with a faint yellow tint
  • Texture: Oleaginous liquid
  • Dab Temperature(s): n/a
  • Most Prominent Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, delta-Limonene, and beta-Caryophyllene
  • Terpene Note: These 3 terpenes comprise 86% of the total terp content in Kosher Chem refined live resin
  • Aromas: n/a
  • Flavors: Peppered, lemon tang boxcar leaving a chokehold wake of dirty, combusted, exhaust
  • Effects: Heady spaciness and calming body effects combined with mental alertness and physical stimulation
  • Problems Treated: Low-energy, lack of motivation, inattentiveness, insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain
  • Negatives: Neither as stimulating nor as long-lasting as Kosher Chem sauce
  • Testing: 82.11% Total THC, .04% CBD, 4.98% Terpenes
  • Potency: Strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 4.85
  • Try Again: Yes
  • Vape Battery: Wulf Uni
  • Where PurchasedSun Valley Caregivers
Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart leaning against open box
Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin contains more THC than Kosher Chem sauce, though the testing shows a different percentage than the box. The box also calls Kosher Chem an Indica hybrid. It is actually a Sativa-dominant hybrid.


Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin is a sweeter and spacier isomer of the strain’s eponymous, dizygotic, live resin sauce. Although both varieties are produced by crossing Kosher Kush with Chem Dawg, they each express their common genetics in different ways.

Discreet, Orderly Flavors

An aspirated draw from a Kosher Chem vape cart is at first candied, citrine, and spicy, and secondarily, savory, herbal, and gassy. A moderate dose yields an initial peppered sweetness that provokes nasal and orbital contractions, trailed quickly by harsh and heated exhaust that lines the throat and lingers.

Kosher Chem refined live resin’s piquant, citrus tang and pungent exhaust flavors are more orderly, discreet, and sequential than the sauce’s byzantine amalgamation of earth-compressed sweetness and exhaust-heavy harshness. Where the sauce confounds, the refined live resin deconstructs and demystifies, enabling a clearer appreciation of the elements that constitute the strain’s genetic entourage.

Kosher Chem Vape Cart Genetics

Please see my Kosher Chem sauce review for genetic information about the strain.

Vape cart, container, and box just unboxed
Kosher Chem vape cartridge and packaging are as clean and crisp as the flavorful, translucent, lightly tinted oil within.


Kosher Chem Vape Cart CannaSafe Test Results

Raw Garden Kosher Chem‘s CannaSafe test results show the following 3 most prominent terpenes:

  1. beta-Myrcene
  2. delta-Limonene
  3. beta-Caryophyllene

Kosher Chem Sauce & Cartridge Terpene Comparison

Terp %
Top 3
% of
Top 3
Limonene %
Top 3
% of Top 3

Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin features 2.21% less total terpene content than the live resin sauce. Both varieties store a complex array of flavors derived primarily from the terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene, which together make up 86% of the cartridge’s, and 80% of the sauce’s, total terpene content.

Raw Garden Kosher Chem refined live resin is made from the same parent strains as the brand’s Kosher Chem live resin sauce, and both products’ psychoactive and palliative effects are the result of shared cannabinoids, terpenes, and whole-plant genetics.


Beta-Myrcene makes up 43% of Kosher Chem refined live resin’s top 3 terpenes and is the most prominent, yet it does not dominate the cartridge’s taste in the same way it does the sauce’s.

Instead, Myrcene infuses the initial sweetness of each draw with its secondary, citrus and herbal flavors, complementing and enhancing the effects of the refined live resin’s next most prominent terpene, Limonene.

Myrcene’s more foundational earthy and musky flavors are held off by the citrine sweetness until at last its resolute, robust harshness, breaks through and dominates the more benign elements.


Delta-Limonene comprises only 30% of Kosher Chem refined live resin’s top 3 terpenes yet spearheads the cartridge’s sweetly tantalizing assault on the senses.

While Kosher Chem sauce absorbs Limonene’s citrus and fruit sweetness as one element pressed into a larger complex of complementing and contrasting flavors, Kosher Chem refined live resin brandishes Limonene at the head of the charge leading likeminded flavors in full force and leaving harsher, dirtier delights for later.


Beta-Caryophyllene is the least of Kosher Chem refined live resin’s top 3 terpenes. Its peppery spice enhances the piquancy and tang of the oil’s leading citrine sweetness and adds a knife-edge to the trail of exhaust that follows. Of these top 3 terpenes, beta-Caryophyllene seems to be the all-encompassing terpene that deferentially ties the others together.

Kosher Chem refined live resin hits you in the face, then resolves into a gentle embrace of head, neck, and shoulders.


The Closer You Are, The Quicker It Hits Ya

Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin hits immediately, more quickly than a dab of its isometric sauce. A cartridge draw stings the nose and blinds the eyes, causing both to contract and drip, then fills the throat with heated exhaust that stimulates as it seizes.

As quickly as the in-your-face effects fade, a more engaging and encompassing embrace takes hold of neck and shoulders in a gentle but firm hug that soothes muscles and alleviates stress.

Every Cart’s Achilles Heel

Raw Garden Kosher Chem refined live resin succeeds by providing a welcome combination of mentally stimulating and uplifting focus, alertness, and energy with a dose of physical relaxation and emotional calm, much like Kosher Chem sauce, but in a diminished capacity.

The Achilles heel for Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape carts and all other refined and/or distilled vape cartridges is the shorter duration of effects in comparison to dabable extracts. Shorter duration means more frequent draws, and more frequent purchases, causing a drain on financial resources.

A Sauce Supplement

Refined live resin cartridges are a welcome advancement in vape cart technology. They provide greater flavor and potency than the food-terpene added, distilled oil cartridges and pods of only a few years ago. And yet, for dedicated aficionados, they still fail to live up to the flavor and potency derived from a dab of live resin.

Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin isn’t a substitute for the gravitas of Kosher Chem live resin sauce, but rather a supplement, enhancer, pick-me-up, or accompaniment. I like to dab Kosher Chem sauce and head out on a long walk and when the effects start to wane, take a draw or 2 from the refined live resin cartridge in my pocket. Whether alone or in an entourage, the refined live resin provides a Sativa spark to keep things lit.

Stimulative Microdosing

Raw Garden Kosher Chem refined live resin by itself is an effective option for daytime dosing because it produces mild, yet noticeable enhancements to everyday tasks, interactions, and activities. Household chores, light exercise, informal socializing, reading, and writing all benefit from Kosher Chem‘s gently stimulative and psychoactive enhancements.

Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape carts were only recently manufactured and packaged.

Kosher Chem Vape Cart Final Thoughts

Raw Garden Kosher Chem vape cart refined live resin is another superb product from the ubiquitous extracts brand. It stands alongside other superb Raw Garden refined live resin, Sativa-dominant, vape cart strains like Tequila Sunrise, Kumquat Cooler, and Citrus Slap.

Raw Garden Kosher Chem refined live resin doesn’t surpass Kosher Chem sauce in potency or flavor, but it recaptures and recapitulates the best of the sauce’s strain-specific traits meaningfully and effectively. The cart’s higher THC content also offers an initial, spacey, mental daze not germane to the sauce that fades quickly as the vapor’s latent effects take hold.

Where To Buy A Kosher Chem Vape Cart

I purchased a gram cartridge of Kosher Chem refined live resin at my go-to dispensary, Sun Valley Caregivers. The shop’s Raw Garden sauce and refined live resin prices are competitive and can be reduced further via weekly discounts. Vape cartridges and pods are 10% off on Fridays, while sauces are discounted on Wednesdays and Sundays. The shop maintains a larger selection of Raw Garden products than most other local dispensaries, making it an ideal destination. I hope to see you there!

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