Raw Garden Citron Funk Is Like Two Strains In One

Blurry sunset, best time to vape Citrus Funk
Raw Garden Citron Funk picks you up and winds you down at the end of an active day.
  • Genetics: Citrus Sap x Funk N Fire
  • Antecedent Genetics
    • Original Glue (Chem’s Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel)
    • Tangie (California Orange x Skunk)
    • Leeroy OG (Triangle Kush x Rare Dankness)
  • Type: Combination Sativa-dominant hybrid – Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Clear liquid oil with a faint yellow tint
  • Texture: Oleaginous liquid
  • Dab Temperature(s): n/a
  • Three Most Prominent Terpenes: Delta-Limonene, beta-Myrcene, and Pinene.
  • Terpene Note: Only Citron Funk‘s top 3 terpenes are listed, above, due to the strain’s relatively low terp content. Consequently, I’m treating alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene, Citron Funk‘s 3rd and 4th sized terps, as a single “Pinene” terpene.
  • Aromas: n/a
  • Flavors: Lemon, citrus, pine, gas, diesel, exhaust; like sucking on a lemon drop in the back of an auto repair garage with an outdoor temperature of 105 degrees, and no ventilation.
  • Effects: Powerful Sativa/head and Indica/body combinations. The double-dose of Original Glue (progenitor of both parent strains) and the Indica-dominant Leeroy OG, overwhelm the strong mental stimulation derived from grandparent Tangie‘s Sativa genetics.
  • Problems Treated: Depression, anxiety, emotional stress, physical tension, and achiness
  • Negatives: Heightened appetite
  • Testing: 83.52% Total THC, .07% CBD, 4.20% Terpenes
  • Potency: Very Strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 4.75
  • Try Again: Yes
  • Where PurchasedSun Valley Caregivers


Raw Garden Citron Funk refined live resin is a unique, Indica- and Sativa-dominant distillate that uplifts spirits and energizes thought as powerfully as it numbs the body and distracts from worry and stress.

Raw Garden Citron Funk Genetics

Sativa-Dominant? Indica-Dominant? Or Sativa-Dominant AND Indica-Dominant?

Raw Garden Citron Funk WAS listed as a Sativa-dominant strain on Leafly and Weedmaps (it has been changed), yet “Indica Hybrid” is printed on the branded box containing the Citron Funk cartridge.

Raw Garden Citron Funk Leafly meta description showing "Sativa-dominant"
Citron Funk was previously listed as “Sativa Dominant” on Leafly and Weedmaps. It has since been revised to read “Indica Dominant” but the meta description remains unchanged.
Citron Funk box / package
Raw Garden Citron Funk box reads “Indica Hybrid”

So which is it?

A cannabis strain with evenly shared Indica and Sativa genes is normally identified as “balanced hybrid,” wherein the opposing genetic forces each moderate the other’s extremes, in some cases, neutering the benefits of both. Balanced hybrids are like Goldilocks and The Three Bears – they’re neither too Sativa, nor too Indica, but “just right” between the two in the mushy middle.

A Tale Of Two Extremes

Whether in error or not, by labeling the box “Indica hybrid” and designating it online as “Sativa-dominant,” Raw Garden gives us a huge clue about the dynamically potent brew. In fact, there’s nothing moderate about Raw Garden Citron Funk to suggest it is balanced at all.

The distillate’s stimulative and soporific effects arise simultaneously, at maximum extremes. The Sativa tittivation and Indica entropy pull in two opposing directions yet somehow work synergistically to produce a potent and cohesive Citron Funk experience.

Raw Garden Citron Funk‘s powerfully discrete head and body effects are mirrored in the refined live resin’s oppositionally odiferous, sweet and savory, gustatory dynamic. Sappy citrus, berry, and pine flavors impact in tandem with the savoriness of peppery, diesel exhaust, each registering independently of the other, like holding a lemon wedge in the left cheek and a car exhaust pipe in the right.

The challenge, then, is to “be of two minds,” and use both simultaneously, assigning one to track Sativa traits and the other Indica characteristics. Bifurcating the brain is essential to experience fully the dueling Sativa and Indica genes expressed in Raw Garden Citron Funk refined live resin.

Citron Funk‘s Potent Progenitors

Antecedent Strains Tell A Story

The parent strains bred to create this complex, almost chaotic, distillate are themselves sophisticated, hybridized Raw Garden creations featuring a variety of competing and complementing flavors and effects.

Raw Garden Citron Funk‘s parents, Citrus Sap and Funk N Fire, break down into the 3 grandparent strains and 7 great-grandparent strains listed above. Starting with these 3 + 7 strains clears up much ambiguity and facilitates analysis of Citron Funk‘s unique characteristics.

Citron Funk‘s Sativa Forebears

Raw Garden Citron Funk derives its cerebrally stimulating effects and sharp citrus flavor highlights from its grandparent Sativa strain, Tangie.

The distillate also inherits residual Sativa genetics, including a gassy, diesel exhaust aftertaste, from great-grandparent strains Chem’s Sister, Sour Dub, and Chocolate Diesel, the trio responsible for the double-grandparent strain, Original Glue.

Citron Funk‘s Indica Progenitors

Raw Garden Citron Funk owes its physically relaxing, head-fogging, emotionally calming properties, and its musky, earthy, herbal flavors to Indica-dominant, grandparent strains Original Glue and Leeroy OG.

Raw Garden refined live resin distillate is consistent in both quality and clarity.

Citron Funk‘s Double-Entourage

A Unifying Cannabis Strain Synergy

The cannabis entourage effect describes how we experience the synergistic relationship between all the components that make up a whole marijuana plant. The different parts of a cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, and terpenes, work in concert, collaboratively and collectively, creating an integrated, holistic, unified cannabis experience.

The entourage effect is similar, conceptually, to America’s motto, E Pluribus Unum, meaning, “Out of Many, One.” Raw Garden creates proprietary hybrid strains that blend together many contrasting and complementary genetics to create new strains with their own cohesive and complete identities.

E Pluribus Unum or E Pluribus Duum?

E Pluribus Unum seems to be the Raw Garden’s operating philosophy. Out of many strains, the brand creates one new, unified, whole strain. The strains created this way feature dynamic characteristics, contrasting aromas and flavors and potent effects, to delight the senses. But although these strains are composed of many parts, they are clearly recognizable as new, independent, strains.

Raw Garden Citron Funk is the first of the brand’s prized hybrid strains that sidesteps the brand’s ersatz motto. The refined live resin expresses its Sativa and Indica duality by acting as two strains in one, with Sativa stimulation and Indica relaxation experienced simultaneously, giving the feeling of being pulled in two different directions.

Feeling The Funk’s Push And Pull

Duality Downsides

One apparent disadvantage of vaping this dual Sativa- and Indica-dominant cannabis strain is the narrowing of activity options during use.

When one genetics dominates, the activities to be engaged in under that strain’s influence are clear. Indica-dominant strains promote physical relaxation and sleep; Sativa-dominant strains provide physical stimulation and emotional uplift. Balanced hybrid strains offer a little bit of each, giving a limited range of both engaged and restive activities while using.

As a co-dominant Indica-Sativa strain, Raw Garden Citron Funk breaks down the “active or restive” categorical dichotomy. The Funk‘s powerful Sativa genetics pull in one direction, and the Indica traits yank in the other.

The term “hybrid strain,” fails to capture what is more aptly termed a “double strain,” because Raw Garden Citron Funk is actually 2 strains in 1. The options for moderate activities one enjoys when using a hybrid strain are here constricted, because the double strain’s dual genetics are themselves immoderate, pulling robustly in opposing directions rather than consolidating somewhere in between the 2.

Stimulative Relaxation

Citron Funk isn’t a strain to vape before a long walk, because the Original Glue and other Indica genetics slow down the body and pacify the mind. Any fire in the belly urging an intense workout will be extinguished by this strain.

But it also isn’t a distillate to vape at bedtime. The Tangie and Original Glue residual genetics stimulate the mind and energize nerves, making sleep impossible for most.

I’ve been enjoying Raw Garden Citron Funk immediately following my daily constitutional. A few draws of Citron Funk vapor after a long, grueling walk relaxes muscles, slows the metabolism, and distracts the mind from aches and pains. At the same time, the Citron Funk Sativa stimulation restores depleted energy and recharges mental focus.

Raw Garden Citron Funk is tailormade for intensely wakeful, stony, relaxation. The sophisticated strain soothes and restores, rehabilitates and stimulates, and calms and uplifts at that unique time of day when needed most.

Raw Garden Citron Funk Most Prominent Terpenes

Citron Funk” is the perfect name for this refined live resin strain’s nuanced and relatively diminished terpene profile. Most Raw Garden sauce and distillate strains feature about 7% to 9% total terpene content, but Citron Funk sports only a meager 4.20%.

Two terps, delta-Limonene, and beta-Myrcene account for almost 3/4 of the strain’s aggregate terpene content. These are the only Citron Funk terpenes each exceeding 10% of the aggregate, meaning they co-dominate the strain’s flavor profile.

Although alpha- and beta-Pinene each independently account for less than 10% of the total terpenes in Raw Garden Citron Funk, their close similarity as isomers enables consideration of the two as a single terpene, “Pinene.” The total Pinene content in Citron Funk is about 14%, amounting to almost 20% of the aggregate terp content, making the two Pinenes together worthy of inclusion as one of the strain’s most prominent terpenes.

CannaSafe Test Results

Raw Garden‘s Citron Funk CannaSafe test results show the following 3 most prominent terpenes found in the distillate:

  1. delta-Limonene
  2. beta-Myrcene
  3. Pinene (alpha-Pinene & beta-Pinene)


Limonene is easily identified by its sweet, fruity, citrus flavor that cuts through all others crisply and delectably. It is the first flavor to register after taking a draw of Citron Funk vapor. The lemony-sweet tang sizzles and enjoins Myrcene’s peppery clove harshness in a gassy, spiced assault on the sinuses, initiating flared nostrils and aqueous eyes.

Limonene’s role in elevating mood and providing energized stress relief recaps the strain-specific properties already addressed. Citrus flavors stimulate and awaken the senses, promoting focus, raising spirits, and facilitating respiratory flow.


Beta-Myrcene infuses Raw Garden Citrus Funk with musky, earthy, herbal, and clove sapidity. The pungent terpene profile produces gassy, diesel, and exhaust flavors that combine with Limonene’s citrus to attack mucous membranes, eliciting “terp tears” and rampant sinus drip.

The spicy brew causes momentary tunnel vision, framing sight in a vignetted filter, as ears ring and temples buzz. Each draw of Citron Funk is like a welcome kick in the head that stimulates then sedates, enfolding the mind in a befogged, earthen headdress.

Beta-Myrcene provides the Citron Funk slow-down, soothing muscles, calming nerves, and relieving pain. The terpene doesn’t affect couch-lock, but it does inhibit physical activity by slowing the body’s response to cerebral impulses. Beta-Myrcene, like delta-Limonene, is key to Citron Funk‘s Indica and Sativa co-dominance.

Pinene (Alpha-Pinene + Beta-Pinene)

Both alpha- and beta-Pinene invest Citron Funk with pine flavors that work in tandem with both Limonene citrus and Myrcene musk. Sweet, forest pine synchs with the strain’s lemony citrus to produce the taste of lemongrass, with hints of wood and berries. The more harsh, pungently spiced pine flavors collaborate with Myrcene’s herbal and clove elements to create a sizzling, stinging, hot-peppered, full-throated assault.

Pinene participates with Citron Funk‘s Sativa traits to promote alertness. However, its tendency to counteract some THC effects makes it the singular moderating factor in the co-dominant strain. In fact, Pinene also reduces anxiety and pain, and calms ulcers and inflammation, casting it in a mediating role in the otherwise unassimilated entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Alpha-Pinene information card
Alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene are isomers with both animating and relaxing properties. (photo: Leafly)

The Final Verdict: Make It Funky!

Raw Garden is highly regarded for crafting synergistic, whole plant strains that provide consumers with complex, sophisticated, and satisfying, full-spectrum proficiency. No matter how intricate, the brand’s strains and varieties project a unified and consistent mix of discrete elements.

The Raw Garden Sativa, Indica, and hybrid products I’ve tried either reflect dominant Sativa traits, dominant Indica traits, or a balanced, integrated hybrid of the two. Citron Funk‘s Indica and Sativa co-dominance breaks all the Raw Garden rules by incorporating a full complement of unassimilated flavors and effects that operate simultaneously, affecting body and mind at all levels, in all ways.

Raw Garden Citron Funk matches its sister strains in quality, potency, and intensity of flavor, but diverges from the pack by retaining the most robust elements of both its Indica and Sativa forbears. The refined live resin is readymade for advanced, sophisticated palates seeking complex, unconventional sapidity, as well as seasoned dabbers searching for unusual, quirky, idiosyncratic psychoactivity.

To quote The Hardest Working Man In Show Business, grab a gram cart of Raw Garden Citron Funk ASAP and “Make It Funky!”

Raw Garden Citron Funk Refined Live Resin Cartridge Co-Dominant Playlists

Playlist 1

  1. The Gun Club – Preaching the Blues
  2. Ike & Tina Turner – Foolish
  3. The Headcoatees – Ca Plaine Pour Moi
  4. The Soft Boys – Kingdom of Love
  5. Bobby “Blue” Bland – Turn On Your Love Light – Single Version
  6. The Everly Brothers – Man with Money
  7. Yo La Tengo – You Tore Me Down
  8. T-Bone Walker – Call It Stormy Monday
  9. John Lennon – Hold On
  10. Lee”Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters – Jah I
  11. Harpers Bizarre – Witchi Tai To
  12. Deep Purple – Hush
  13. Wipers – Up Front
  14. Ike Bennett & The Crystalites – Bombshell
  15. Raspberries – Every Way I Can
  16. Circle Jerks – Back Against The Wall
  17. The Cramps – Surfin’ Bird
  18. The Mystic Tide – Mystery Ship
  19. Strawbs – All I Need is You

Playlist 2

  1. Beachwood Sparks – The Calming Seas
  2. Stalk-Forrest Group – What Is Quicksand?
  3. Impact All-Stars – Thankful Dub
  4. The Music Machine – The People In Me
  5. Crime – Hot Wire My Heart
  6. Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love Tonight
  7. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Deep Purple
  8. The Velvet Underground & Nico – Run Run Run – Alternative Mix
  9. The Eyes – When The Night Falls
  10. Big Star – For You
  11. The Who – Heaven And Hell – Mono Version
  12. James Brown & Lyn Collins – Just Won’t Do Right
  13. The Zombies – If It Don’t Work Out
  14. George Harrison – Wah-Wah
  15. Otis Rush – Double Trouble
  16. Paley Brothers – Come out and Play
  17. The Knight Brothers – Temptation’ Bout To Get Me
  18. Four Tops – Bernadette
  19. Duane Eddy – Stalkin’
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