Quartz Banger Brings 710 to Life

710 Life is a Los Angeles area company that manufactures a wide variety of standard and portable cannabis vaping and dabbing devices. The company’s proprietary e-nail coil is designed to work seamlessly with a specially made quartz banger, an upgrade sold separately from their e-nail packages.

710 Life micro mini e-nail
710 Life award-winning branded micro mini e-nail set to 720 degrees

The 710 Life Micro Mini E-Nail

I discovered 710 Life last year in a High Times article reviewing 2018’s 10 best e-nails and have used their micro mini e-nail reliably for the past 5 months dabbing live resins, jelly waxes, shatters, crumbles, and other extracts.

After putting my e-nail through daily tests of performance and durability, powering it up and down, disconnecting and reconnecting the coil and cord, disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the nail components and dabbing anew without incident, it is clear why the award-winning device made it on the High Times list.

Day after day, dab after dab, the micro mini e-nail heats up reliably and efficiently, is easy to assemble, stores and travels readily, and looks pretty cool, too (the e-nail comes in various colors and designs and can be personalized).

710 Life 20mm/14mm quartz banger after soaking in hot water & scraping off the gunk

Titanium Nail vs. Quartz Banger

The micro mini e-nail comes with a titanium nail and quartz and ceramic inserts (1 of each) to enable dabbing right out of the box. For the past 5 months I’d gotten great tasting vapor off of the quartz and ceramic inserts but both eventually became mired in gunk and irretrievably embedded in the titanium. They broke when extracted.

No point in throwing good money after bad, so after cracking a 2nd quartz insert I decided to purchase 710 Life’s branded quartz banger, made especially for use with its proprietary coil. The banger sells for about $40 (there are coupon codes on the website) and features a deep bucket and lamppost neck displaying the company’s colorful honey bee/honeycomb logo.

Bent coil rod
The coil rod can be bent for a more contoured fit over the banger’s small stabilizing stem

Heating Coil / Quartz Banger Set-up

The specially designed quartz piece fits 710 Life’s coil perfectly and includes a small stem protruding from the banger neck to help stabilize the coil, which would otherwise fall off. The coil rod rests on the little banger stem and the attached cable feeds back towards the dabber, trailing down and around the base of the rig and back out to the heating unit.

I copied a few dabbers who’d bent their coil rods to make them fit more naturally over the little quartz stem. Both the bent rod and the strategically positioned cable improve overall stability and keep the coil well-seated.

Quartz banger with e-nail coil
Coil rod and cable, when positioned correctly, allow the stem to prop up and hold the coil in place

E-Nail Temperature for Quartz Banger

Replacing the titanium nail and inserts with a quartz banger sparked a reassessment of my e-nail temperature setting. I’d taken my first month of quartz insert dabs at 720 degrees, then lowered the temp to 710 degrees where it remained.

But because a quartz banger heats up more quickly than a titanium nail and spreads the heat much more evenly around the sides and base of the bucket, I reduced my dab temp further.

710 Life’s website claims 650 degrees as the optimal dabbing e-nail temperature. After taking a few 650-degree dabs with my new quartz banger I had to agree. At 650 degrees my dabs are more flavorful and less harsh than they were at higher settings, and the lower heat leaves less gunky residue while maintaining potency and other strain-specific qualities.

The coil rod rests on a little stem on the side of the banger neck

Quartz Banger Cleaning & Care

Dab nails will accumulate oily, resinous gunk at any temperature, with any wax, and will require regular, if not daily, cleanings to maintain performance. 710 Life’s website features detailed instructions for different methods to clean quartz.

I’ve incorporated some of these methods into after-dab quartz cleaning and care and daily thorough cleaning regimens that together remove most all dab residue.

Post-Dab / Post-Session Spot Swab Quartz Care

  1. After each dab, while the bucket is still hot, spot swab any residue from the quartz with a dry q-tip
  2. Spot swab by rotating the q-tip head in oily spots rather than sweeping it across the glass in order to avoid spreading the oil further
  3. Power down and unplug the e-nail, then dip a clean q-tip in rubbing alcohol and spot swab more

Spot swabbing helps slow gunk accumulation and is an effective means to preserve quartz, but it doesn’t fully clean the quartz, which requires more extensive measures.

Daily Quartz Banger Cleaning and Care

  1. Remove cooled banger from rig and gently place in a bowl of hot water
  2. Wait 30 seconds or so, then take the banger from the water and place it on a dab mat or other soft surface
  3. Use a dab tool to scrape as much gunk as possible from the bucket
  4. Wet some rolled up tissue with isopropyl alcohol, then stuff the wet end into the bucket and turn
  5. Repeat #4 with the dry end of the rolled up tissue
  6. Repeat steps #1 – #5 until satisfied with quartz appearance
  7. Immerse banger again in hot water for 30 seconds
  8. Wet the head of a q-tip and carefully insert into banger neck to clean out all oil
  9. Repeat steps #7 – #8 as necessary
  10. Cover the banger joint opening with a finger and pour a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol into the bucket, then cover the bucket with a thumb and shake the banger gently to allow the alcohol to move through the neck and reach and loosen any stubborn gunk

My daily cleaning regimen is a fairly easy and efficient way to remove at least 90% of the banger’s wax accumulation. A consistent care regimen like this will keep your quartz looking clear and shiny while providing the best possible flavor in addition to extending the life of the banger.

710 Life suggests buying a few dentist-quality metal picks to use as scrapers, but the sharp end of a dab tool works. The spoon end is helpful, too. Should your quartz need special care 710 Life also offers instructions for deep cleaning.

710 Life’s Quality Products & Customer Care

710 Life e-nail unboxed stuff quartz banger
Some of 710 Life’s branded accessories, included with e-nail purchase

The 710 Life micro mini e-nail is a good investment. The unit has functioned consistently well over time and is priced reasonably in comparison to similar devices. The e-nail has its quirks, but with experience and the reassurance that comes with the company’s excellent customer service, there is little to worry about.

When my original unit malfunctioned beyond my ability to correct it, 710 Life sent me a replacement with no hassle. They even have a program allowing the user to put down a deposit so that they can send a replacement overnight, then credit back the deposit upon their receipt of the defective unit.

I took advantage of this program and the company delivered exactly as promised. My replacement unit works wonderfully and has always reset when necessary.

Why You Must Own The 710 Life Quartz Banger

In its 2018 review of the company’s award-winning e-nail, High Times noted that what truly sets apart 710 Life’s e-nail from other standard e-nails is the way it functions when used with their specially designed quartz banger. I’ve written previously about the highlights of 710 Life’s micro mini e-nail and to date cannot imagine being without it. It completely redefined my approach to cannabis.

At a cost of only $40 (less with coupons), the 710 Life quartz banger is an exceptionally good addition to the e-nail because it recaptures the fun and intensity of butane-generated torch dabbing without the volatility. Adding the quartz banger to my routine was like turbocharging the vaping experience, and it continues to enrich my daily enjoyment of cannabis extracts. I can differentiate the flavors of my wax without thoroughly corroding my quartz or burning my lungs, and I can appreciate strain-specific properties from session to session. What more can a dabbing enthusiast ask?

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