Pre-Rolled Joints & The Shaky-Handed Twaxer

Pre-rolled joints are another of the potent varieties offered at dispensaries for both medical and recreational use. As someone with shaky hands who has a terrible time with fine motor coordination, pre-rolled joints are a welcome option. There’s something about smoking a joint that doesn’t compare to pipe or bong. It is harsher, yes, but there is a more intimate and direct connection with herb when only a thin sheet of rolling paper sits between you and it, like the skin of an apple holding all the juicy fruit within.

When I try on my own to roll joints, with a dollar bill or a roller, disaster ensues. I spill a bunch and then have to add more, only to spill again. If I use the roller, it is hard to keep the paper down, and so again, there is spillage. And even when I do succeed with the roller, the joints are rolled so tight that the only smoke you can inhale is what is emitted at the combusting end. Maybe I need to invest in a new, more technologically advanced roller, but in the interim, pre-rolled joints seem to be a better option for a perfectly rolled, potent and fast acting effect. I don’t smoke joints often, but when I do, pre-rolled joints are it.

I’ve previously written about Henry’s Original Smokes, and the potent Chemdawg sativa half gram pre-rolled joints I dialed in at the ELO show. Half gram joints were a revelation to me. Who can finish a full gram joint of potent cannabis by themselves in a single setting? Really harsh on the lungs. But a half-gram joint is manageable and in many ways the perfect portion. When I was at the local dispensary the other day, I asked about half gram pre-rolled joints and to my dismay, they had none. The kind budtendress did point out some solid full gram joints, of which the had a decent selection, and after having failed miserably the day before at trying to roll my own twaxing joint, I decided it was time to attempt twaxing with a well constructed pre-rolled joint.

Varieties of Inferno Gold Fire Sticks Pre-rolled Joints
Inferno Gold Fire Sticks Pre-rolled Joints – Are they still in business? Hope so!

I bought an Inferno Gold Fire Sticks pre-rolled joint for $18 and very happily noted that this green apple flavored blunt was an organic, hash-infused mix of flower, honey oil and kief. When the time was right to spark the spliff, the green apple flavor hit right away and was not unpleasant. I had to be careful because the joint between filter and herb seemed a little weak, and this was a hefty blunt. Soon the green apple flavor turned into a rich, thick combination of flower, oil & kief smoke. I burned about half the pre-rolled joint and experienced some relief from a few physical maladies, while the high I was beginning to experience was incredibly euphoric and creative, leaving my body feeling wrapped in a warm blanket. This was hands down the best effect I’d experienced in a while. Better than any of the edibles or concentrates. Really idyllic.

Putting the pre-rolled joint out without damaging it was a true challenge, in part because the oil likes to keep burning. After a number of gentle taps on the side of a plant pot, the smoking ember at the end fell out, a minuscule amount that didn’t really diminish the rest of the joint. If these Fire Sticks could be made in half-gram sizes, they would be perfect. The half of the joint I smoked had me seated in front of the computer, happily adding MIDI sounds and creating dubbed out sections of the drums for a project I am producing. The pre-rolled joint was a perfect match for the focused creativity in which I was engaged. Beautiful. Later in the evening, I shared most of the rest of the joint with my better half, and we made our own good use of the effects. And even then, I still have almost an inch of the pre-roll left.

Note: The next time I bought an Inferno Gold Fire Stick, it did not live up to the experience I had the first time. It really seemed like they’d forgotten to put the hash oil or kief in it and had just sold me a very overpriced plain joint. The good news is that many companies now make infused pre-rolls worthy of a toke.

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