Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop Is Better Than Your Favorite Dispensary

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop in North Hollywood, CA, stands out from the competition by employing knowledgeable and dedicated staff and providing superb customer service.

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop exterior
The shop is located on Riverside Drive just west of the Toluca Lake / NoHo border (photo: Yelp)

Everything Cannabis-Related (Without The Cannabis)

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop is like a stocked-to-the-gills dispensary that in place of cannabis sells glass rigs, bongs, and pipes, tobacco products and accessories, vaping devices, and many other such accouterments.

I visited Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop for the first time a few days ago in search of a new compact vape battery. The store carries several unique brands and battery configurations to satisfy a panoply of customer vaping preferences. 

West Wall of vape shop
The shop is like a stocked-to-the-gills dispensary with so many colorful packages and products (photo: Yelp)

Navigating Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop

It takes a minute to get situated in such a well-appointed store, but the products at Moon Wolf are organized and displayed in a way that makes navigation fairly easy. To wit, vape pens and batteries for cartridges, waxes, and dry herbs are grouped together by category In the back corner of the store.

Wide Variety of Vape Devices

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop stocks compact vape mods that fit in your palm as well as traditional vape pens ranging from mundane and utilitarian to more sleek and elegant styles. 

The store sells a variety of branded vape batteries including Vessel, CCELL, Wulf, and several others. The devices are differentiated by the presence or absence of features such as adjustable voltage, button operation, battery life, vapor cloud production, and other variables.

There aren’t as many vape choices at the smoke shop as there are vape brands and products at some of the larger Valley dispensaries, but there are enough to require the assistance of an experienced guide to navigate through.

Packages of CCELL Palm vape batteries sold at Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop
The CCELL Palm battery is one of many vape battery brands and products sold at Moon Wolf (photo: Yelp)

Customer Service Right On Cue

I studied the packages hanging on the wall, somewhat mesmerized by the variegated array. As if on cue, the shop associate on duty, Geremy, finished up with a customer at the register and pivoted to the back of the store to assist me.

It was clear from the start that Geremy is knowledgeable and experienced, and his unpretentious and transparent effort to assist me felt genuine. He was committed to helping me find a vape battery that fit my needs and spoke freely about the strengths and weaknesses of the products on display. 

A Cannabis Connoisseur’s Cogitative Co-Pilot

Geremy didn’t try to “sell” me on any particular product. Instead, he listened patiently and attentively, asked follow-up questions, and explained in plain language the advantages and drawbacks of different features, options, and functionalities.

His ability to relate to customers on their level is key to the provision of such superlative customer service.

As we considered my options, Geremy went out of his way to provide a wealth of helpful information about different products, warning me away from some while heartily recommending others. Price was not a factor in the discussion and there was no attempt to up-sell to, or dump anything on, me.

Geremy left me intermittently to help new customers as they entered the store. His affable, positive, and pleasant comportment engaged each of them and filled the shop with an uplifted and welcoming ambiance.

Cannabis Knowledge and Customer Relations

Our review of different battery brands and devices easily transitioned into a discussion about cannabis and the cannabis industry, about strains and products (we’re both Raw Garden aficionados), about local dispensaries, budtenders, and much more. 

Geremy is broadly and deeply acquainted with budtending, cultivation, and other aspects of the cannabis industry, and I couldn’t have been happier learning from and exchanging ideas about cannabis and vaping with such a seasoned pro.

Differentiating Compact Vape Devices

As our wide-ranging survey of prospective purchases wound down, I reemphasized my preference for a compact vape battery. Although I’d read many positive reviews of the CCELL Palm and Silo batteries, Geremy warned me away from these because the magnetic cartridge adaptors are easily lost.

Geremy directed me instead to a new (to me) brand called Wulf, highlighting the strengths of its Uni model compact battery, which features a transom through which to monitor cartridge oil level, a lever to adjust the cartridge height, and an aperture allowing cartridges of varying diameters to fit snugly in its chamber. 

Geremy’s forthright and experienced approbation convinced me that the Uni was the best of the mini batteries on hand, and so, after a truly enjoyable and educational hour conversing, I was ready to make my purchase.

Wulf Uni compact vape battery with key features
Geremy recommended the Wulf Uni compact vape battery over the CCELL Palm (photo: Wulfmods)

Dab Pearls To Fill The Bucket

As we strode to the cash register, my eyes caught sight of some glass dab pearls. I’d never used any before and was curious. 

Geremy helpfully explained that dab pearls facilitate even heat distribution in a banger by moving the wax around inside the bucket. Dab pearls also increase air pressure inside the bucket while absorbing and emitting their own heat.

After using the dab pearls for a few days, I’ve noticed improved dab efficiency and potency and have been able to lower my e-nail temperature to 520 degrees, increasing flavor without losing vapor production or potency.

I wholly recommend dab pearls to any dabbers who’ve yet to try them.

Quartz banger with two dab pearls
Quartz banger with two dab pearls (photo: hcksmoke)

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop – Yelp Discount

Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop offers a 10% discount to Yelp users who check-in while visiting the store, which more or less pays your tax. I was happy to save a few bucks, spending about $30, and departed the shop a thoroughly satisfied customer already looking forward to the next visit.

Knowledge Is Free (And Key)

Perhaps more significantly, I departed Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop a more knowledgeable consumer than when I’d arrived. This is the long term value of patronizing a business where knowledge and free-flowing ideas are engaged and exchanged, enriching both customer and staff.

Always Comes Back to Good Customer Service

Good customer service is of the utmost importance to my experience as a cannabis consumer and I pull no punches when such service is anything less than stellar.

That said, I have only superlative praise for Geremy and Moon Wolf Smoke & Vape Shop because, as Geremy demonstrated, the store provides customer service above and beyond what is expected at either smoke shops or dispensaries.

I felt truly taken care of in my quest for a compact vape battery.

When To Visit

If you’re looking for more than a transactional experience when shopping for cannabis or tobacco accessories, visit Moon Wolf, especially on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays when you’ll find Geremy behind the counter to guide you through.

You’re bound to learn something new when you do!

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