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Lumpy’s Flowers identifies as a lifestyle cannabis brand with a “passion to fuel creativity and forward momentum” in the lives of its customers, helping each of them craft a “positive, active, and healthy” approach to daily living.

Lumpy’s Flowers is a multi-award winning Northern California cannabis cultivator, manufacturer and distributor producing potent proprietary strains and high-quality extracts.

Lumpy’s Original, Award-Winning Strains

Lumpy’s prized, exclusive strains showcase the company’s ability to produce richly flavored, highly aromatic, potent award-winning cannabis. Varieties including Apple Fritter, Sour Apple Haze, Reckless Rainbow, Lemon Kill, LA Snow, Cali Berry, Lemon Berry, and Ben N Berries are boutique offerings from a company dedicated to alleviating customer “pain and suffering” in an enjoyable way.

Lumpy’s Flowers Awards & Accolades

Rollup – 1st Place Indica Flower High Times World Cup 2017
Apple Fritter
 – 2nd Place Hybrid Flower 2016 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup
Sour Apple Haze
 – 3rd Place Sativa Flower 2016 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup
LA Snow – 1st Place Sativa Flower 2017 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup
LA Snow – 3rd Place Sativa Flower 2017 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup
Lemon Trill 
– 3rd Place Indica Flower 2018 High Times Central Valley
Cali Berry 
– 2nd Place Hybrid Flower 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup Central Valley
Reckless Rainbow 
– 1st Place Indica Concentrate with Critical Extracts 2018 High Times Central Valley
Sour Apple Haze 
– 3rd Place Sativa Concentrate with Critical Extracts 2018 High Times Central Valley
Sweet Tea 
– 1st Place Hybrid Concentrate with Critical Extracts 2018 High Times Central Valley

Apple Fritter was also featured in High Times magazine strongest strains in the world 2016 and received some of the highest scores from judges at the 2016 NorCal Cannabis Cup in the categories of taste and aroma.

Lumpy’s Vision

Lumpy’s started up almost 20 years ago in California’s wine country, where the neighboring vintners provided a model approach to cultivating a quality, potent, full-spectrum product with complex aroma and taste profiles and an “unmatched smoothness”.

Lumpy’s dedication to excellence reflects the company’s compassion for healing and their commitment “to educate society through the example we set in order to transform the perception of our community.” The company wisely recognizes that consumers, cultivators, producers, retailers, and others must transform lingering negative perceptions into popular support for national legalization.

A Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

Lumpy’s identifies as a cannabis lifestyle brand with a “passion to fuel creativity and forward momentum” in the lives of its customers, helping each of them craft a “positive, active, and healthy” approach to daily living. Companies like Lumpy’s, dosist, Henry’s Original, PAX, Brite Labs, and many others, succeed where competitors fail because they view cannabis use as a holistic, all-encompassing experience providing consumers with enjoyment and relief but also coloring their identities and lifestyles.

Lifestyle brand consumers develop loyalty to brands and products that authenticate and validate their style and place in the world, and the growing number of these brands provide consumers with lasting personal connections beyond the high. Thoughtful customers appreciate the added value and are willing to pay a little more for better quality as they develop brand and product allegiance.

Side Note: Buy The Best From The Best

I was introduced to Lumpy’s Flowers by my go-to budtender, Gary, a long-time employee at Studio City’s Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary (aka The WEED). Gary’s model budtending deserves a post all its own, but if you read my recent treatise about budtender standards, you’ll understand what I mean. Gary’s budtending skills and style are beyond compare and I encourage any budtender curious about what superior budtending looks like to stop in at The WEED when he’s behind the counter.

I stopped in at The WEED yesterday to take advantage of their “pick your deal” Friday. The WEED offers one of the best local deals on wax at 15% off (limit 2) when combined with the store’s reduced medical use tax. The WEED doesn’t charge medical customers the 15% excise tax, collecting only the 5% business tax and the 10% sales tax. The retail prices for their extracts are comparable to other dispensaries but unlike most other local dispensaries, The WEED maintains a HUGE extracts selection at a wide range of prices. The dispensary carries so many wax offerings that their grams and half-grams take up 4 display cases on 2 sides of the store. It is a dabber’s dream!

Lumpy’s Apple Fritter Live Resin Sugar

My ace budtender pulled from the display case a gram of Lumpy’s Apple Fritter live resin sugar. He opened the container and let me gaze at the perfectly clean, airy, cluster of orange-amber THC diamonds that grouped together suggested a clutch of salmon roe, or perhaps Uni sushi (without the rice).

I stuck my nose in the jar and inhaled a sharp candy-apple fragrance that reminded me of a Jolly Rancher. I was bedazzled by Lumpy’s Apple Fritter’s crystalline sugar and was eager to try the wax even if it meant spending $10 more than I usually would for a gram.

Lumpy’s Apple Fritter Strain

Lumpy’s Apple Fritter strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides “euphoria, steadiness, and relaxation.” The highly potent, uniquely fragrant and sweetly palatable strain was recognized for its superior quality, earning 2nd place in the 2016 High Times Northern California Cannabis Cup competition.

While Lumpy’s Apple Fritter flower claims a hefty 25.2% THC component, their live resin sugar of the same strain packs a whopping punch at 74.6% THC and 1.3% CBD, which, in combination with a brilliant terpene profile, leave the user blissfully ensconced in a comforting, full-bodied indica high.

One of my budtender’s many fine qualities is his eagerness to share information about the latest strains and products carried at The WEED. In addition to Lumpy’s Flowers live resin sugar, Gary previewed some of the brand’s other strains for me, each of them visually and aromatically stunning. He also introduced me to a new edibles brand that I hope to write about in the coming days.

Find Lumpy’s At The WEED

In the interim, all I can do is sing Lumpy’s praises and recommend to anyone within driving distance that they head down to Ventura Blvd. in Studio City and visit The WEED. When there, ask for Gary. He’ll show you what it means to be a budtender second-to-none and introduce you to the many worthy offerings from the award-winning Lumpy’s Flowers and whatever else he masterfully selects to meet your cannabis needs.

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