Lil’ Green Buddy: My 710 Life Micro Mini E-nail

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail arrives preset to 710 degrees, but I easily reset it to 720. It is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail, made by 420 Life, is an efficient, reliable, stylish, functional, compact, portable and reasonably priced electric heating element that obviates the need for a butane torch. Beginner or expert, low temp or high temp dabber, it doesn’t matter. The enail is very easy to set up and operate, giving the user precise control over the temperature and duration of each dab and dab session. Wax won’t burn to carbon or flash into the ether, nor will it puddle at the bottom of the bucket, because the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail won’t overheat, nor underheat, your dab. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail sets itself apart from its competition by boasting the only all-digital thermometer system, which maintains a consistent, specific temperature far better than analog systems. If you currently use a torch, get rid of it (responsibly), and if you’ve never used one, don’t even consider it. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail is one of those rare products that delivers exactly what is promised.

So what promises does 420 Life make about its 710 Life Micro Mini Enail? The first page of the enail instruction booklet makes it clear: “Award-winning precise low temp true flavor at your fingertips.” 420 Life’s multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards confirm the first part of their claim and lend official approbation to the company as a reputable enail manufacturer. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail’s all-digital design empowers the user to maintain precise low and moderate temperatures, yielding a fuller spectrum of terpenes and affirming the second part of the company’s claim. And the compact size of the unit enables users to assemble the parts, power the device and control temperature, literally with their fingertips, meeting the third of 420 Life’s claims. Marijuana consumers embracing alternatives to the deleterious effects of traditional combustion and smoke inhalation seeking a reliable, safe vaping experience would be wise to invest in a 710 Life Micro Mini Enail and a rig.

Vaping in its different forms has become popular because it is healthier, more efficient, and more discrete than burning and does not produce unpleasant smoke or pungent odors. The aromas wafting from vaped cannabis distillates are actually quite fragrant and sweet thanks to the abundant terpenes reintroduced following distillation. Those who’ve never dabbed using a butane torch and who are unaware of the downsides may question the need for a relatively large upfront enail investment of about $170. This is understandable, as a decent torch and fuel can be had for a mere $30 or so. But this way of thinking fails to acknowledge the costs of butane torch dabbing that accumulate over time. To wit, in just 4 months or so of torch dabbing, I went through three quartz buckets, several rig cleanings, grams of wasted concentrate, and many torch refills. Butane proved to be high-maintenance and cost-inefficient. It also left a mess. The grossness of a rig knee deep in mucky, reclaim resin isn’t just a nagging eyesore; it also diminishes the quality of the potent, aromatic concentrates. Put simply, torch use is cost inefficient in the long run while in the short term inhibiting the user from enjoying the concentrates’ full beneficial properties.

The dab cycle (photo: Weedmaps)

Before giving up butane, I worked diligently to find an optimal torch dabbing formulation, adjusting flame size, counting off seconds of heating and cooling times, brushing the banger with the flame in different patterns and spots, but I was never able to recreate the same quality of heat from one dab to the next. There are abundant video demos online claiming the magic formula for torch use, for consistent heating from session to session, and for low temperature vaping. I watched several of these videos and attempted to follow the instructions given, tried to experiment to find my method, but it remained hit and miss. I was getting plenty of vapor, but it was harsh on the lungs and all the vapor was packed into only a couple of draws. These unfulfilling dab sessions were simply a problem to work out, and in the back of my mind, I knew an enail was the solution. If the wasted wax wasn’t enough to motivate me, after four months or so using highly flammable butane, I was tired of the worry and decided to ditch the torch.

420 Life manufactures and sells a wide variety of dab products and accessories

I dug into the High Times magazine 2017 enail “best of” list, a consumer-centered, detailed comparison of their top enail picks for that year. The original 710 Life Enail (standard, not mini) was ranked eighth on the High Times 2017 list and earned 3rd place in their 2018 Cannabis Cup competition. I read through 420 Life’s website, pleased to discover the compact version of their enail, priced about the same as their standard model. Before making my final decision, I sought out third-party, consumer reviews and really connected with a video demo by a YouTuber called SunshineStoner710. Her presentation includes a thorough unboxing and examination of the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail, a visual and operational review of the included parts and accessories, and a methodical illustration of proper assembly, setup, and safe and effective use. SunshineStoner710’s video made clear the benefits of an enail that offers consistent functionality, easy and direct temperature control, and is affordably priced (relative to the cost of other enails).

I navigated to 420 Life’s website, signed up for their newsletter and searched their linked coupon codes until a game wheel popped up on the page asking for name and e-mail in exchange for a spin. I entered my information, spun the wheel, and landed on a $15 off discount to apply at checkout. The unit comes in several colors (I chose green) and the customer may purchase add-ons including (1) an extension of the standard 1 year warranty, (2) a foam lined, drop shock and waterproof case, (3) an additional coil (the part that connects the main unit to the rig), (4) a quartz banger, and (5) additional options, including personalizing a unit with text or an image. I made my selections and completed my purchase, very happy about the free shipping, and figured I wouldn’t receive the enail for a week or so. To my welcome surprise, I received confirmation emails right away along with a new discount code (not sure the amount), then later received a final e-mail confirming shipping.

My 710 Life Micro Mini Enail arrived only a few days after ordering. I eagerly opened the box and pulled out the bonus gifts that accompanied my order. Although I’d watched SunshineStoner710’s video a couple of times, I hadn’t remembered the treasure trove of extras that came with the enail, and was a bit in awe upon seeing a sweet dab mat & cool dab tool (both with the company’s honeycomb & hornet logo), a universal titanium carb cap, quartz & ceramic inserts for the titanium nail, a couple of food grade silicon containers (one with the honeycomb logo), a handful of stickers, little rubber feet for the unit, and a few helpful postcards. The unit and power cord come housed in a branded and graphically cool cardboard box, where they are best kept when not in use. It baffles me that more companies don’t go out of their way to reward their customers in this manner, because it is a relatively inexpensive way to build a relationship and encourage repeat business.

Bonus goodies include dab tool, silicon container, dab mat, stickers and more

Unboxed, the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail is compact and lightweight enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand or in a coat pocket. Its diminutive size makes the system reasonably portable, particularly if heading somewhere with a rig and accessories already in place. The unit arrives pre-set to 710 degrees, matching the temperature found by many to be ideal for dabbing concentrates (and referencing a dabber “holiday” – “710” writ upside-down spells “OIL”). Dabs at this temperature are gentler on one’s throat and lungs. Far too many high-temperature torch dabs left me without breath and with difficulty regaining my equilibrium. I haven’t yet experienced anything like that with the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail, and I don’t miss it. If you’re like me and prefer a little more vapor than 710 degrees produces, it is very easy to change the temperature setting. I upped the temp to 720 degrees, just low enough to avoid combustion, but which produces a bit more vapor than the standard setting. I may dial down the thermostat to 715 degrees, to make sure I avoid the high temp dab zone completely. To change the unit’s temperature setting, the user presses either the up or the down arrow button on the front of the unit until reaching the preferred temperature and then presses the “set” button. There are only 4 buttons relating to temperature all on the front and a large, silver, power push-button on the back of the unit.

Titanium nail, 20mm coil, power cord & instruction manual

Dabbing with the micro mini enail is easy, fairly quick, and user-friendly. After assembling the triple OG 5 in 1 grade 2 titanium nail to fit the rig, the user attaches the 20mm barrel heating coil to the nail and connects it and the power cord to the unit. The instruction booklet illustrates different nail configurations for the 19mm or 14mm male/female or 10mm male only nail components. After the parts are in place and hooked up per the included, easy to follow instructions, it is time to plug the unit in and turn it on. The digital display immediately shows a number, around 70 – 110 degrees, and then climbs quickly to 400, then 500, then 600, where the thermostat finally slows and the unit works methodically to raise the heat to the desired temperature. It takes 5-10 minutes for my unit to reach 720 degrees. I’m sure there are higher priced enails that work more quickly to attain the desired temperature, but if you’re patient, like me, you can save a little money to spend on premium wax.

I’ve been very impressed with 420 Life’s customer service and customer-centered philosophy

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail works by continuously raising the thermostat to a higher level, then dropping back down to reflect the actual temperature, until the user’s setting is reached. This is a normal feature of the unit. In most cases, when the unit climbs above my 720 degrees setting, it quickly settles back down to the set 720-degree temperature (give or take a degree), and remains there, making small adjustments during the dab session to account for temperature fluctuations. On a few occasions, the thermostat has appeared to continue climbing without dropping back down. I fixed the problem by resetting the temperature and turning the unit off and on again and then called 420 Life to make sure I was handling the issue correctly. I was glad I called because the gentleman with whom I spoke was eager to assist and explained in great detail that this was normal behavior for a digital unit. He instructed me to press the sideways arrow button on the front of the unit (hold for 10 seconds), which resets the system. Just consider how often you need to reset your all-digital cell phone. The same principle applies. The great irony is that this troubleshooting tip is included in the instruction booklet and I needn’t have called. And yet I’m glad I did because it afforded 420 Life the opportunity to demo their excellent customer service.

710 Life Micro Mini Enail set up for dabbing with quartz insert

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail offers both qualitative and quantitive advantages over torch use. The moderate temperature dabs made possible by the enail enable a truer and fuller experience of the strain or variety of wax consumed. The constant electric heat facilitates the transformation of wax to liquid and then vapor without burning away the terpenes or charring the wax. The fuller spectrum of terpenes enhances the overall user experience resulting in less wax needed to achieve the same psychoactive effect. Set to 720 degrees, or 710 if one prefers, the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail generates far more vapor per dab session than the torch, which packs all the vapor produced into one or two overwhelming draws. In contrast, a moderate temperature enail distillate dab provides 10 or more hefty yet tasty and smooth draws. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail produces and maintains heat fierce enough to continue vaporizing the liquefied concentrate until it is all but gone. With a greater aggregate vapor yield in each dab session, I’ve taken fewer trips to the dispensary. In both senses, qualitatively and quantitatively, the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail has already saved me money and improved my dabbing efficiency.

Although an enail eliminates the dangers posed by butane, it does present a serious hazard if not used responsibly and as instructed. Any time you’re dealing with electricity or extreme heat, caution is in order. I’ve come up with a few common sense rules of thumb that limit the potential for serious problems. While dabbing I keep the temperature at 720 degrees and although high temp dabs can be particularly heady, I won’t go higher than that. I always turn off, unplug, and disassemble the unit after each session and clean my tools and the mat with an alcohol wipe. I also try to keep the nail and inserts q-tip “clean” to avoid carbon accumulation and to maintain flavor. This is all easily accomplished in five minutes, tops. It might be overkill, but it gives me peace of mind. Carelessness and intentional misuse are the quickest routes to tragedy, so it is imperative that the dabber be methodical and focus on what he’s doing to avoid any unwelcome outcomes.

420 Life honeycomb & hornet logo on dab mat with boxed micro mini enail

After a month of frequent, problem-free use, I wholeheartedly endorse the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail. It is a well-made, highly functional product made by a company that prioritizes its customers’ needs and concerns over crass commercialism or high-pressure sales. And those extra goodies they included in the package? They’re put to good use every day. The dab mat is the perfect size for my beaker rig and keeps the counter clean, the dab tool has a generous scoop that works well with saps and sauces and the ceramic and quartz inserts allow for slight variations in taste and how dabs vaporize. After sampling the titanium nail, and ceramic and quartz inserts, I find quartz the best surface for producing the cleanest, most unadulterated vapor taste and use it almost exclusively. High Times noted in its review on the Best of 2017 list that 420 Life’s quartz banger (not the insert) made specifically for use with the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail is what truly sets the unit apart from other standard enails, its all-digital design notwithstanding. If this is true, then I look forward to getting the quartz nail when I’m ready to upgrade. For now, the insert will do just fine.

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