KROQ Comedy: Freddy Snakeskin”s ’82 Air-Check

Back in an era before the internet or cable tv or cell phones, when your ear was always close to a radio speaker, the dee jay was your best friend in the world. If you were home sick, or without any plans on a Saturday night, or driving down the highway, or grounded for the weekend, dee jays helped make everything ok because they were there with YOU, playing music for YOU, being irreverent and obnoxious to satisfy your teenage sensibilities. In the early 80s, even with a more programmed playlist, KROQ was still a very free form radio station, particularly when it came to dee jay banter. One of the funniest and most irreverent weekday KROQ dee jays was Freddy Snakeskin. Freddy always spun the latest new wave pop hits but also found room for groovy oldies, edgier punk tracks and odd art rock outliers.Freddie Snakeskin was THAT dee jay and those were GREAT TIMES. Here’s 30 minutes of Freddy Snakeskin’s 1982 air check archives, replete with original commercials and oddball KROQ in studio guests.

Freddy was on air on KROQ from 1980-1990 and continued dee jay work throughout the years, including a stint as a dee jay on KROQ HD-2, which ended in 2015. From

Add CBS RADIO Adult Hits KCBS and ’80s Alternative KROQ-HD2 (ROQ OF THE 80’S) PD/on-air reptile FREDDIE SNAKESKIN to the list of cuts from CBS RADIO.

SNAKESKIN, who worked at KROQ from 1980-1990 and has been with CBS since 2006, took to FACEBOOK to write, “Well, with considerable regret and sadness in my heart, it now appears it’s time to change my status from ‘works’ at to ‘worked’ at KROQ-HD2 & JACK-FM. Unfortunately, yesterday the massive layoffs sweeping CBS came along and lopped my damn head off, and I now join so many of my radio colleagues among the ranks of the unemployed.”

SNAKESKIN added, “I just wanted to say how much I am going to miss each and every person I worked with in the Dumpy Little Building at 5901 Venice Blvd. — you are all truly the smartest, most professional group of radio people it has been my privilege to know, and over the years I’ve met thousands. But more than that I will miss all my FACEBOOK pals and loyal listeners I have gotten to know online, and I thank each and every one of you for the massive friendship and love you’ve all shown this particular disembodied voice on the radio.”

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