Durban Poison & the Uplift of Daytime Sativas

When I obtained my medical marijuana referral and became a legal cannabis consumer, I began viewing cannabis in terms of how it might ameliorate my maladies. Insomnia topped the list of imbalances for which I sought relief, and I quickly familiarized myself with the soporific qualities found in indica dominant strains. Indicas seemed to help with other issues like anxiety, indigestion, and back pain, which is probably why the best indica strains always seem to be in short supply. Indicas tend to have higher potencies as well, making them a popular recreational choice. There were plenty of sativa offerings available at my local dispensaries, but I was looking right past them.

I got a handle on my insomnia with nighttime medicating, but was at a loss for how I might use cannabis during the day for other ailments. I didn’t want to be left sleepy, overly relaxed, or couch-locked when I had things to do and places to go, and I didn’t want to trigger any depression, which seems to go hand in hand with anxiety. How, then, to medicate during the day? How to treat anxiety and ocular hypertension without diminishing my energy and activity? How to treat the anomie and ennui that accompanies dreary housework? The Stones have a song about that. Could sativa strains be my father’s little helper? These questions stuck with me for far too long, and the answer sought me out in a glorious way.

The Rolling Stones clue into a hausfrau’s daily drudgery

Durban Poison is a landrace strain, in this case a pure sativa strain borne of genetically pure seeds native to South Africa. When I was contacted by a third party I’d never previously met asking if I’d like to transform some of his homegrown Durban Poison harvest into cannabis comestibles, I jumped at the chance to collaborate. I was impressed with the sativa characteristics attributed to Durban Poison and was amazed at how well the (very potent) cookies lived up to the descriptions I’d read. The cookies energized me with a rosy outlook in spite of the day’s mundane tasks, and sparked a creative flow that had me writing and baking cookies and playing guitar. The effects were both cerebrally intense and mentally clarifying, leaving me feeling very affected and at the same time totally lucid. Most importantly, I didn’t feel tired and I didn’t feel anxious.

California Dab Company Jack Herer distillate / sauce

I’ve sense become much more interested in sativas and have had success with other strains and varieties that provide the kind of uplift and energy I’ve experienced with the Durban Poison cookies. If you’ve got a Stiiizy vape battery (if you don’t, I highly recommend you get one), their (sativa dominant) Blue Dream strain works very well during the day, and the battery is small enough to allow for discrete vaping wherever your day takes you. For the dabbers out there, I have a few very worthy recommendations as well. California Dab Company (CDC) makes a mind-blowing array of clear distillate-esque sauces including the classic Jack Herer, a dizzying sativa. Flavor brand’s Sour Tangie live resin sugar has a scintillating sweet-pungent aroma and taste that amplifies the crisp, lucid high. Saving the best for last, Neutron Genetics Hawaiian Punch strain “NuClear” distillate bears a candied sweetness that brightens the sativa-enhanced mood like nectar from the gods.

These are only a few of the incredible array of sativa strains and varieties finding their way to dispensary shelves and into the lives of people who will benefit from their anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects. Hopefully others will begin to break away from their more habituated, indica-exclusive approach to medicating as I have. It’ll open up a whole new world of daytime possibilities.

Neutron Genetics NuClear Hawaiian Punch Distillate

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