Durban Poison Decarboxylation: A Home Demo

Swedish Flying Saucer is proud to announce our first cannabis home demo video, a short clip illustrating the simple yet essential cannabis decarboxylation process.

What is decarbing and why should you decarboxylate your herb?

Decarboxylation is a process whereby cannabis is subjected to controlled heat to convert non-intoxicating THCA molecules into psychoactive THC molecules. Ingesting raw cannabis will not get you high because your body lacks proper cannabinoid receptors to process the unconverted THCA. Because medibles and other cannabis edibles are ingested and not burned, the flower used in these recipes must first be potentiated via decarboxylation. Decarbing isn’t necessary when you smoke or vape because the heat produced by flame or coil decarbs the herb as you consume it.

This demo illustrates all the basics involved in decarbing herb. It is simple yet essential information for anyone who enjoys cooking with cannabis.


Primitive Zippo
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