Cloud Chaser: Strain of Wax for Insomniacs

Raw Garden Cloud Chaser Live Resin Sauce

Image of Raw Garden Cloud Chaser Live Resin Sauce in open package
Cloud Chase is an intense mix of earthy pine, menthol spice, and sharply sweet blueberry flavors


  • Genetics: Skywalker phenotype
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: Garlic-lemon butter
  • Texture: Thick but loose mix of sugary sauce
  • Aromas: Pine and sweet blueberry candy
  • Dab Temperature(s): 530
  • Flavors: An intense mix of earthy pine, menthol spice, and sharply sweet blueberry
  • Effects: Relaxed and sleepy
  • Problems Treated: Insomnia and stress
  • Negatives: n/a
  • Testing: 71.86% Total THC, .15% CBD
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Overall Rating (1 – 5) (5 is highest): 5
  • Try Again: Yes


Raw Garden’s Cloud Chaser Live Resin Sauce is a potent indica-dominant cannabis extract ideal for relaxation and slumber. Insomniacs will laud the potent, indica-heavy strain’s soporific qualities and embrace the detached feeling of “floating away” that follows a couple of nighttime dabs.

Cloud Chaser hits the eyes first, counterintuitively bypassing the olfactory senses, much like a sativa-dominant strain would. Rather than eyes wide and riveted, however, Cloud Chaser live resin sauce leaves you squinting as the sedative effects grasp and then gravitate down your head, over your shoulders, and around your body.

Raw Garden’s Cloud Chaser is a phenotype of the indica-heavy Skywalker strain, the product of crisply sweet Blueberry and menthol-tinged, piney Mazar. The pheno’s intensely tractive admixture of sweet berry and spicy, tart pine saturates the palate and holds it in a pungently saccharine sensory overload lasting well beyond each dabbed draw.

I derive the most enjoyment and greatest health benefits from cannabis strains that synergistically combine cannabinoids and terpenes to produce a holistic, entourage effect. Cloud Chaser’s combination of aromas, flavors, and effects, is ideal for those like me who respond positively to a wild combination of menthol pungency and berry sweetness.

Raw Garden’s Cloud Chaser Live Resin Sauce relaxes your body as described above, but relaxation is merely a prelude for the strain’s anti-insomniac prowess. As the calm slowly unclenches your body, you begin to experience a perceptual detachment from space and sound. My pen seemed to inscribe by itself as I transferred my impressions from thought to paper, and my head felt like it was lifting-off of my shoulders and floating away.

Cloud Chaser sauce combines richly nuanced aromas and flavors to produce physical and mental effects designed to help you catch a few clouds on your way to dreamland. If the summer heat is frustrating your slumber needs, pick up this Raw Garden indica powerhouse at your local dispensary. I found mine at MMD NoHo. You can check Weedmaps to find Cloud Chaser at a storefront near you.

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