Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 4

Treble clef chaos

Note: This is the fourth installment in my series about heady, cannabis-friendly music, drawn from the clips I’ve posted on Swedish Flying Saucer’s Instagram feed.

16. Max Frost & The Troopers – The Shape of Things to Come (1968)

Max Frost & The Troopers’ “The Shape of Things to Come” is a fierce 1960s anthem by the fictional band at the center of American International Pictures’ 1968 teen rebellion film Wild in the Streets. The shock-cinema spectacle tells the story of Max Frost, an idealistic rock and roll lead singer who becomes involved in politics until all turns to chaos when the band’s fanatic followers take to the streets.

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Heroin, Tied to the Mast

Different songs engage us in different ways, depending on our life experiences. Some songs look at simple, everyday experiences but present them in new ways that resonate with us even though we’ve never thought about them in those ways before. Other songs echo experiences we’ve had or corroborate conclusions we’ve drawn, reassuring and comforting us in a fraternal way. Finally, there are those songs that speak to the experiences we know await us, that instill us with fear, enliven us with anticipation, make us sad or giddy, and speak to us with other elements of expectation. These songs communicate the intensity of experiences that we’ve never had, and yet based on what we’ve read and heard about those experiences those songs nonetheless ring true. Even though we’ve not yet had these experiences, we’ve lived with the dread of or thrill for those experiences for many years of our lives.  Continue reading “Heroin, Tied to the Mast”