4/20 Sweet Deals and Better Days Ahead

4:20 Graphics

This past Saturday was Swedish Flying Saucer’s inaugural 4/20 holiday and to commemorate the occasion, we headed out to a few local dispensaries to catch some of the action. We checked Weedmaps and Instagram to look for local deals and holiday product highlights but of the many different bargains and premiums offered nearby, BOGOs, percentage discounts, and dollar deals, though generous, seemed unremarkable. We took our time sussing out dispensaries offering the best discounts AND the best selections while keeping our eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. Although one of our go-to dispensaries seemed to have the biggest discount of the day (30% across the board), their limited extracts inventory kept us looking. If this was to be a truly special day, we needed to step outside the box and try something new.

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House Weed: Rebranding Herb on a Budget

The term “house weed” is generally applied to generic, basic, inexpensive cannabis that a dispensary offers patients and customers (usually in joint form) as part of a premium or first-time customer bonus. One dispensary manager gave me a house joint “on the house” in recognition of a review I posted about his store. I graciously accepted the gesture, but I’ve put the joint aside as an absolute last resort should the home stash run dry. At a time that so many different strains and varieties of cannabis products are readily available, many with potencies twice, three times and in some cases, four times as high as even the dankest flower you’ll find on dispensary shelves, we’re left to wonder why, with so many effective options, would any cannabis user even want “house weed”?

Their simple, generic stylized packaging & logo
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Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road

Emerald Family Farms Logo
Emerald Family Farms, Humboldt County


Humboldt County’s Emerald Family Farms is both a conglomeration of cannabis growers, featuring more than 200 member farms, and a brand name manufacturer of quality, top shelf cannabis products. The company takes great care in growing and nurturing its plants to harvest and features a number of well-known, highly rated strains. Emerald Family Farms manufactures concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, twax joints, and an assortment of fruit flavor vape cartridges, and distributes them, along with pre-packaged flower, in stylish, colorful packaging, throughout California. Continue reading “Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road”

Henry’s Original Fights Fire with Dispensary Donations

Mendocino Complex Fire Map
Mendocino Complex Fire & Other Wildfires Burning in Northern California

I’ve posted previously about my positive experience with Henry’s Original half-gram pre-rolled joints. I came across an article in HIGH TIMES magazine from last week about the near-apocalyptic juggernaut of wildfires burning in Northern California and Henry’s part in supporting victims by partnering with other groups to raise money. Henry’s has placed donation boxes in dispensaries throughout Northern and Southern California in support of North Coast Opportunities (NCO) Wildfire Relief Fund and their efforts to help those who’ve suffered losses. You can help by tossing whatever you can afford into one of these donation boxes on the way out of the dispensary on your next run. Continue reading “Henry’s Original Fights Fire with Dispensary Donations”

Pre-Rolled Joints & The Shaky-Handed Twaxer

Varieties of Inferno Gold Fire Sticks Pre-rolled Joints

Pre-rolled joints are another of the potent varieties offered at dispensaries for both medical and recreational use. As someone with shaky hands who has a terrible time with fine motor coordination, pre-rolled joints are a welcome option. There’s something about smoking a joint that doesn’t compare to pipe or bong. It is harsher, yes, but there is a more intimate and direct connection with herb when only a thin sheet of rolling paper sits between you and it, like the skin of an apple holding all the juicy fruit within. Continue reading “Pre-Rolled Joints & The Shaky-Handed Twaxer”

Jeff Lynne’s ELO Live at The Fabulous Forum, LA, 8-5-18

Walking across the Forum parking lot to see ELO for the first time, it hit me that I’ve probably seen more aging rockers play shows over the years than I can remember. It is impossible to try and remember all the bands, shows, etc., I’ve seen over the past 40 years, let alone my favorites. Last night Mr. T asked me to name my 5 favorite shows of all time, and I was at a loss, because I know there would be many I wouldn’t recall.

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