Slide Show: East San Fernando Valley Cannabis Dispensary Exterior Design in Black & White

Cannabis dispensary exterior design is now a common feature of the commercial landscape here in the east San Fernando Valley. Dispensaries are so prevalent and so commonly seen by us as we commute from neighborhood to neighborhood that most of us no longer take note of their external uniqueness, the character of their facades, or their impact these exteriors have on our feelings about the Valley’s commercial terrain. 

Survey of Cannabis Dispensary Exterior Design

I recently began documenting local cannabis dispensary exterior design on my walks through North Hollywood, Studio City, and adjacent neighborhoods, where many such storefront facades are heavily clustered. The 24 black and white images included in this post are only a small sampling of the shops abounding in the east Valley, but they provide a diverse view of the different dispensary styles and forms encountered here on a daily basis.

Blending Into The Commercial Landscape

San Fernando Valley Residents see and engage cannabis dispensary exterior design every day, whether we consume cannabis or not. I can’t travel very far outside of Burbank before seeing a green cross or punny dispensary sign. But in the years since California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, most of us have come to take for granted the subtle and sometimes overt ways in which dispensaries continue to affect our perceptions of the ever-evolving valley commercial environment.

A Dispensary Exterior Design Niche

As you gaze at the slide-show images, ask yourself if in the years before legalization you ever dreamed cannabis commerce would become so common and so prevalent. Ask yourself if you ever could’ve imagined legalization would become so normative that cannabis dispensary exterior design would carve out its own niche, perhaps taking the place of the now near-extinct record store exterior design or book store exterior design or drive-in diner exterior design.

What does cannabis dispensary exterior design mean to you?

Please post your comments, below.

The Depicted Dispensaries

The following dispensary storefronts are those included in the slide show. Please see my past dispensary reviews for shopping recommendations.

Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 4

Treble clef chaos

Note: This is the fourth installment in my series about heady, cannabis-friendly music, drawn from the clips I’ve posted on Swedish Flying Saucer’s Instagram feed.

16. Max Frost & The Troopers – The Shape of Things to Come (1968)

Max Frost & The Troopers’ “The Shape of Things to Come” is a fierce 1960s anthem by the fictional band at the center of American International Pictures’ 1968 teen rebellion film Wild in the Streets. The shock-cinema spectacle tells the story of Max Frost, an idealistic rock and roll lead singer who becomes involved in politics until all turns to chaos when the band’s fanatic followers take to the streets.

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Puffy Delivery Sets the Pace!

(photo: facebook)

Puffy Delivery (also known as Organix/Puffy Delivery or Organix Delivery) is a cannabis delivery company serving communities across Southern California. Puffy Delivery carries a wide range of cannabis products at prices comparable to those charged at other storefront and delivery dispensaries. Puffy Delivery accepts telephone and online orders and gives customers the option to pay by credit card or with cash. The company serves medical and recreational patients with an emphasis on customer education, making explicit their purpose as a cannabis provider in their Weedmaps mission statement:

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Brite Labs Jelly Wax Shines a Light on You!!

The Stones “Shine A Light” live in ’85. May Brite Labs shine a light on you today!
Brite Labs Jelly Wax Strains (photo meadow dot delivery)

Brite Labs Jelly Wax is a whole plant full-spectrum C02 cannabis extract that when dabbed produces large, fragrant vapor clouds which effectuate and transmit discrete, potent strain-specific qualities to the discerning cannabis consumer. Brite Labs Jelly Wax is available in several Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains and is reasonably priced relative to other gelatinized cannabis extracts. Their jelly wax has a smooth texture and a honeyed, syrupy consistency and is drawn easily with a dab tool and dropped on a nail for vaping. When dabbed at moderate temperatures, around 710 degrees, the jelly wax ably reproduces all the sweet and earthy flavor tones found in the fragrant strains’ flowered form.

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Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 3

Note: This is the third installment in our series about cannabis-friendly music. The order applied to the videos & clips isn’t a ranking, but simply follows the order of posts on our Instagram feed. All you need to know is that this is heady, cannabis-friendly music.

11. Kicking off the third set of cannabis-friendly music videos is a short film featuring the song “The Ballad of Evel Knievel” as an accompaniment to an interpretive recreation of Evel Knievel’s many ambitious motorcycle jumps (most of which were punctuated by ill-fated landings). Evel was on television throughout the 1960s and 1970s, usually featured in an ABC Wide World of Sports special. The jumps varied in setting, from a cache of 18-wheeler trucks to the Caesar’s Palace fountain, to Snake River Canyon and beyond. Evel was more than ambitious; he was relentless. Relentless because he wasn’t always successful and he endured many serious, bone-breaking injuries, yet he still continued jumping.

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Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 2

Note: This is the second installment in our series about cannabis-friendly music. The order applied to the videos & clips isn’t a ranking, but simply follows the order of posts on our Instagram feed. All you need to know is that this is heady, cannabis-friendly music.

6. Starting the second round of cannabis-friendly music videos at number six is another Swedish Flying Saucer project, unofficially dubbed The Record Refugees. The track, called “Kosmische Rock”, is a glorious cacophony of cannabis-infused musik abiding Tommy Hall’s & Roky Erickson’s concept of “play[ing] the acid” (in this case, “playing the cannabis”) in an effort to transmit cosmic consciousness to the listener. Always helpful if the listener takes the initiative to put herself in that state of mind prior to listening, if possible, but it isn’t essential.

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House Weed: Rebranding Herb on a Budget

The term “house weed” is generally applied to generic, basic, inexpensive cannabis that a dispensary offers patients and customers (usually in joint form) as part of a premium or first-time customer bonus. One dispensary manager gave me a house joint “on the house” in recognition of a review I posted about his store. I graciously accepted the gesture, but I’ve put the joint aside as an absolute last resort should the home stash run dry. At a time that so many different strains and varieties of cannabis products are readily available, many with potencies twice, three times and in some cases, four times as high as even the dankest flower you’ll find on dispensary shelves, we’re left to wonder why, with so many effective options, would any cannabis user even want “house weed”?

Their simple, generic stylized packaging & logo
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Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 1

Pot leaf & cassette tape

Swedish Flying Saucer’s Instagram feed ( @swedishflyingsaucer ) is a musical kinescope exhibiting minute long video clips of some of the greatest cannabis-friendly music ever recorded (at least in the last century or so). The clips attempt to capture the essence of the songs, foreshortened by the platform’s video time limits, and ought to pique the interest of even the most milquetoast musical minds. For those unprepared to suss out the full-length cannabis-friendly sounds and images corresponding with the culled clips, this here blog seems a welcoming host for exhibition and ease of access for any regular viewers and readers. Music is meant to be free as the spirit-channeled voices, fingers, and hands creating and performing it. Cannabis heightens listeners’ sensitivities and openness to that freedom of spirit, connecting the corporeal, earth-bound weight of existence with the immortal, inscrutable, intractable life-force propelling all flesh towards a gloriously unknowable destination.

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