Best Batch Yet: A Durban Poison – Cannabis Cookies Collaboration


It was a chance encounter between Althea and Donna, two erudite and enlightened educators enrolled in a summer Shakespeare seminar here in the City of Angels that sparked a successful cannabis-converting collaboration between the legendary Lord Sassafrass and the powerful Prince Jazzbo. Althea and Donna would become widely known and beloved for their 1977 reggae-pop hit, “Uptown Top Ranking”, which versioned many earlier reggae hits including Trinity‘s “Three Piece Suit and Thing” and Alton Ellis‘s original / Marcia Aitken‘s cover of “I’m Still In Love with You”: Continue reading “Best Batch Yet: A Durban Poison – Cannabis Cookies Collaboration”

If Canada Can: The Green Organic Dutchman

Canadian flag with cannabis leaf
The new Canadian flag? Would the new anthem be “O, Cannabis”? (photo: The Telegram)

In honor of Canada’s recent national legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use, I wanted to take a quick look at the Canadian cannabis industry. Could it become the model for our own national legalization here in the United States? How will American companies adapt to a national consumer landscape when cannabis inevitably becomes legal across all fifty states? Continue reading “If Canada Can: The Green Organic Dutchman”

Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road

Emerald Family Farms Logo
Emerald Family Farms, Humboldt County


Humboldt County’s Emerald Family Farms is both a conglomeration of cannabis growers, featuring more than 200 member farms, and a brand name manufacturer of quality, top shelf cannabis products. The company takes great care in growing and nurturing its plants to harvest and features a number of well-known, highly rated strains. Emerald Family Farms manufactures concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, twax joints, and an assortment of fruit flavor vape cartridges, and distributes them, along with pre-packaged flower, in stylish, colorful packaging, throughout California. Continue reading “Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road”