Cannabutter in the Kitchen!

Swedish Flying Saucer is proud to announce our second cannabis home demo video, a short clip illustrating the basic method for creating cannabutter at home.

What are the home cannabutter basics?

Our last home demo video illustrated our preferred method for decarboxylating cannabis, a necessary step to activate THC’s psychoactive properties. Once cannabis has been decarbed, it is ready to infuse into butter.

Making cannabis-infused butter at home is fairly straightforward, although you’ll need a few supplies including butter, cheesecloth, a few large rubberbands and an adequately sized bowl. The most important step in crafting home cannabutter is remaining vigilant and stirring the pot regularly while simmering. The added water helps control the temperature, but a watchful eye is key.

Care is also required when affixing the cheesecloth to the bowl and for all other aspects of transferring the cannabutter mixture from the pot. Once the cloth has been drained and the bowl put in the fridge to set, all that is left is to remove the bowl after 24 hours, eject the hardened butter (which has separated from any remaining water) and break down the butter into chunks for storage. Cannabis-infused butter should be kept frozen until ready for use. For more specific, detailed home cannabutter instruction, check out our latest video:

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