Bob OG and The White Widow Glookiez – Budd’r Crumble Flower Bowl LP

Back cover of their first album.
Bob O.G. & The White Widow Glookiez – Budd’r Crumble Flower Bowl LP

Swedish Flying Saucer has from inception intended to reach beyond the confines of wordpress blogdom and expand our scope and potential. To that end, we gleefully announce the creation of Swedish Flying Saucer’s music production arm. To celebrate our expansion, we’re announcing our first release, from a recently discovered group called Bob O.G. & The White Widow Glookiez. Their sounds evoke the space rock, psychedelic, cosmische musik stylings of 1970s German groups like Neu! and Faust and heavier English analogues like Hawkwind. The group takes their name from a variety of strains, flower and concentrates, and features Screamin’ Diz on lead & electronics and Fudgie Tajentu holding down the rhythm like a fine tuned pendulum. Budd’r Crumble Flower Bowl is available to stream or download on Bandcamp, here :

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