Best Little Smoke Shop in LA is on Broadway

Broadway Smoke Shop
Broadway Smoke Shop & Accessories in DTLA

Broadway Smoke Shop in downtown Los Angeles is an old school, niche in the wall smoke shop stocked to the rafters with bongs, rigs, bowls, pipes, bangers, papers, carb caps, cleaning solutions, incense, torches, terpenes…any smoking accessory imaginable, they’ve got it.

The shift from brick and mortar stores to on-line vendors has made it very difficult to see / feel / try out a product before purchase. It has also made it challenging to obtain a product on the same day you’re shopping for it. I don’t like making blind on-line purchases and really prefer taking my purchase home the day I pay for it. Unfortunately, smoke shops have largely migrated to virtual storefronts and there are fewer to visit in person. I’m fortunate to have Blues smoke shop in my neighborhood, but I knew there was a better smoke shop out there, and I was determined to find it.

When I searched yelp for a new smoke shop I noticed Broadway Smoke Shop  was very highly recommended (5 stars / 300+ reviews). I was making a trek down to USC that day and thought it would be a good opportunity for a field trip to DTLA to find a bigger quartz bucket, a new carb cap (the old one fell and shattered), and maybe a silicon mat. I mapped my way from USC over to S. Broaday & 6th Street, which was further from Exposition Park than I’d have thought. Driving in DTLA can be hectic, and I had to circle the block a few times before I found a reasonably priced lot.

Broadway Smoke Shop Shelves
Broadway Smoke Shop’s Shelves are Stocked with Glass

I parked in a lot on S. Spring St. in a building directly behind the smoke shop, so that when I came up the stairs from the garage I was right next to the store. There was only one other customer when I walked in and I was able to find what I was looking for while I waited. The salesman came by and introduced himself with a firm handshake – Jack is his name – and was very personable and knowledgable. He immediately put me at ease by asking me if I was over 21 (I’m at the mid-century mark) and we both started laughing. I told him what I was looking for and he picked out a fantastic banger with a larger bucket and a thick white quartz bottom, telling me how much it would improve my dabbing experience (and he was 100% right!) He then produced a perfect little carb cap with dual directional air flow holes at the bottom. Excellent! I think the banger cost $19 and the carb cap about $5. I also picked up some cleaning solutions for the bong and rig, and then the owner pleasantly surprised me by giving me the silicon mat gratis (!!) & (2) giving me a free small glass pipe for checking in on yelp and google. From what I’ve read, the free pipe is an ongoing deal (see their yelp page for more info). My kind of business! All in all, it was a total success, and I made it back to the car in 15 minutes so only had to pay $5 for parking.

Jack @ Broadway Smoke Shop
Jack is kind, knowledgable, personable & will get you what you need at a fair price

It seems to be the luck of the draw vis a vis whether you’re fortunate enough to live near a brick and mortar specialty store, or whether you have to search and trek to get there. For those lacking a well-stocked, affordable, service-with-a-smile, head shop in their vicinity, Broadway Smoke Shop is worth the trek. The search is done. All you have to do is go there. And while you’re there, why not hit up The Last Book Store, then grab a bite at Clifton’s. They’re all in walking distance.

Broadway Smoke Shop & Accessories is located in Downtown LA at:

624 S. Broadway


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