710 Day at MMD NoHo is The Way to Go

Photo of MMD NoHo for 710 Day
MMD NoHo is a Stop for Green-Friendly LA Tours

Happy 710 Day! If you dab, vape, or simply enjoy cannabis extracts and concentrates, MMD dispensaries are offering the best promotion we’ve seen so far to help customers celebrate this year’s dabbers’ holiday. Drop in at the NoHo, Hollywood, Long Beach, or Marina Del Rey storefronts, to receive 25% off of all wax, oil, concentrates, and vape battery purchases.

MMD – North Hollywood

MMD NoHo is our local franchise where we stopped by just after they opened this morning at 10 am​. This was only our second visit to the store (our first having been on 4/20). We were eager to compare our first impressions to today’s 710 Day experience.

We’re happy to report that the shop remains very organized, clean, and well-lit, with a solid supply of a variety of products. We’re also very pleased that it continues to employ congenial, knowledgeable budtenders. And our early arrival at MMD NoHo enabled us to sneak through a vacant lobby before the arrival of the green tour bus crowd. There was no wait.

710 Day Greetings

With the security guard’s approbation we walked into the dispensary, proper, and made a bee line to an awaiting budtender named Britta. Britta greeted us with a warm and welcoming “Hello” and we responded with a full-throated “Happy 710 Day”. Britta returned the joyful wishes and we instinctively walked over to the extracts’ case. We’d done our homework and scanned MMD NoHo’s menu to make a short list of items to purchase.

Helpful, Congenial Staff

Britta’s budtending customer service was superb from the moment we walked in to​ the dispensary’s inner sanctum. In fact, all the staff looked happy and eager to help. Even the security guard made sure we were aware that our medical recommendation expires in a few weeks. We appreciated the customer service more than MMD NoHo knows. Thank you MMD!

710 Day Discount Shopping

Our at-home preparedness meant that we didn’t need much budtender advice in making our selections and we quickly located 3 of the 4 strains on our list. The fourth was apparently sold out, but Britta nonetheless went through all the boxes on the shelf to see if one had been misplaced. That she couldn’t find anything askew reflected very well on the store, because it showed that MMD NoHo keeps things organized.

Britta thoughtfully confirmed that the 710 Day discount applies to oil cartridges as well as wax extracts, so we added a few half-gram Stiiizy pods to our purchases and sauntered to the nearest cash register. The customer service we experienced had been good up to this point and we couldn’t have been more appreciative, but when we reached the register the service went from good to GREAT.

Britta’s Superlative Customer Service

Britta’s good customer service was made great when she answered some questions we had about current vape cartridges. Lesser budtenders might mumble an inaudible answer or perhaps condescend and patronize with an overwrought response, but Britta did neither of these things. Instead, she affably and congenially engaged us in discussion about the best and less-than-best brands currently out there.

In thoughtfully answering us, Britta confirmed something we had long suspected, namely, that Raw Garden’s oil cartridges are to vape carts what their live resins are to wax extracts. Superb! We would’ve purchased a cartridge right then and there but unfortunately the Raw Garden carts are so popular that MMD NoHo had sold out.

Relevant & Relatable Cannabis Talk

Britta offered a few helpful suggestions for finding Raw Garden cartridges and did not try to rush us out of the store. She was happy to talk and share her knowledge, and we swapped stories about what it is like to be a cannabis consuming parent versus what it is like to be the child of cannabis consuming parents. It is fascinating stuff that is worthy of further investigation and analysis, and perhaps a lengthy article, because it speaks directly to the way legalization impacts us. Stay tuned.

Our Raw Garden & Stiiizy Purchases

We finished the discussion as Britta rang up our purchases: Raw Garden grams of indica-dominant Jungle Rush, Bahama Mama, and Cloud Chaser and half-grams of Stiiizy Strawberry Cough and Purple Punch. We paid, thanked Britta for her superlative help and left a tip.

A Great Way to Start the Holiday

But before we left we made sure to compliment Britta directly for her excellent budtending skills and we let her know how much we truly appreciated her help. She treated us with respect, as equals, she was totally transparent, forthright, friendly, and loquacious, and she made us feel valued and appreciated. Thank you, Britta! We look forward to seeing you next time!

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