Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 2

Note: This is the second installment in our series about cannabis-friendly music. The order applied to the videos & clips isn’t a ranking, but simply follows the order of posts on our Instagram feed. All you need to know is that this is heady, cannabis-friendly music.

6. Starting the second round of cannabis-friendly music videos at number six is another Swedish Flying Saucer project, unofficially dubbed The Record Refugees. The track, called “Kosmische Rock”, is a glorious cacophony of cannabis-infused musik abiding Tommy Hall’s & Roky Erickson’s concept of “play[ing] the acid” (in this case, “playing the cannabis”) in an effort to transmit cosmic consciousness to the listener. Always helpful if the listener takes the initiative to put herself in that state of mind prior to listening, if possible, but it isn’t essential.

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Room to Breathe at Exhalence

This week’s dispensary field trip took me to Exhalence, a well stocked, competitively priced, readily accessible storefront in Sun Valley. The two-story building is easy to spot from the road and sits astern an amply sized parking lot on Roscoe Blvd., just off of Glenoaks Blvd. Those driving up the 5 Freeway from LA can exit right across the street from the shop at Roscoe, and there is a southerly onramp right there as well for the return trip. Exhalence opens earlier than most dispensaries, at 8:00 am, closes at 10 pm, serves medical and recreational patients, and offers online ordering.

Exhalence storefront and amply sized parking lot, right off of the 5 Freeway in Sun Valley (photo: Exhalence)
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House Weed: Rebranding Herb on a Budget

The term “house weed” is generally applied to generic, basic, inexpensive cannabis that a dispensary offers patients and customers (usually in joint form) as part of a premium or first-time customer bonus. One dispensary manager gave me a house joint “on the house” in recognition of a review I posted about his store. I graciously accepted the gesture, but I’ve put the joint aside as an absolute last resort should the home stash run dry. At a time that so many different strains and varieties of cannabis products are readily available, many with potencies twice, three times and in some cases, four times as high as even the dankest flower you’ll find on dispensary shelves, we’re left to wonder why, with so many effective options, would any cannabis user even want “house weed”?

Their simple, generic stylized packaging & logo
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Cannabis-Friendly Music, Part 1

Pot leaf & cassette tape

Swedish Flying Saucer’s Instagram feed ( @swedishflyingsaucer ) is a musical kinescope exhibiting minute long video clips of some of the greatest cannabis-friendly music ever recorded (at least in the last century or so). The clips attempt to capture the essence of the songs, foreshortened by the platform’s video time limits, and ought to pique the interest of even the most milquetoast musical minds. For those unprepared to suss out the full-length cannabis-friendly sounds and images corresponding with the culled clips, this here blog seems a welcoming host for exhibition and ease of access for any regular viewers and readers. Music is meant to be free as the spirit-channeled voices, fingers, and hands creating and performing it. Cannabis heightens listeners’ sensitivities and openness to that freedom of spirit, connecting the corporeal, earth-bound weight of existence with the immortal, inscrutable, intractable life-force propelling all flesh towards a gloriously unknowable destination.

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Compact Vape Pens & The 420 Lifestyle Revolution

Vape pens, batteries, cartridges, and pods, are supplanting the leaky bong and dime bags of yore with sleek, diminutive, rechargeable (or disposable) batteries the size of ink pens or tubes of lipstick and with grams and half-grams of oil-containing cartridges or pods. Where choking, unhealthy smoke once proliferated, variously sized clouds of fragrant, potent vapor now waft. And as the quality and accessibility of cannabis concentrates improve, more vape products are making their way to dispensary shelves. Stiiizy, Mezz, and Pax are three such brands out of a growing number of companies marketing vape pens and cartridges as discrete, modern, lifestyle accessories. Brands like these seek to change outdated popular perceptions and convince recreational cannabis skeptics that today’s marijuana consumers don’t fit the stoner stereotypes of yore.

Stiiizy’s sleek, functional batteries and potent pods generate massive vape clouds (photo: Altnernate Leafs)
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Lil’ Green Buddy: My 710 Life Micro Mini E-nail

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail arrives preset to 710 degrees, but I easily reset it to 720. It is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail, made by 420 Life, is an efficient, reliable, stylish, functional, compact, portable and reasonably priced electric heating element that obviates the need for a butane torch. Beginner or expert, low temp or high temp dabber, it doesn’t matter. The enail is very easy to set up and operate, giving the user precise control over the temperature and duration of each dab and dab session. Wax won’t burn to carbon or flash into the ether, nor will it puddle at the bottom of the bucket, because the 710 Life Micro Mini Enail won’t overheat, nor underheat, your dab. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail sets itself apart from its competition by boasting the only all-digital thermometer system, which maintains a consistent, specific temperature far better than analog systems. If you currently use a torch, get rid of it (responsibly), and if you’ve never used one, don’t even consider it. The 710 Life Micro Mini Enail is one of those rare products that delivers exactly what is promised.

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