If Canada Can: The Green Organic Dutchman

Canadian flag with cannabis leaf
The new Canadian flag? Would the new anthem be “O, Cannabis”? (photo: The Telegram)

In honor of Canada’s recent national legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use, I wanted to take a quick look at the Canadian cannabis industry. Could it become the model for our own national legalization here in the United States? How will American companies adapt to a national consumer landscape when cannabis inevitably becomes legal across all fifty states? Continue reading “If Canada Can: The Green Organic Dutchman”

Calm and Concentrates at Zen NoHo

Zen Noho says Relax

For this week’s field trip, I checked out a local, compliant dispensary called Zen NoHo pre-ICO. This was my first time shopping for meds at Zen NoHo and it was an impressive experience. Their customer service was excellent, the interior was clean, roomy and orderly, the inventory was just the right balance of quality and quantity, and the location is easily accessible. Continue reading “Calm and Concentrates at Zen NoHo”

Dr. Aldridge Recommends Relief

In his comprehensive history of cannabis, Smoke Signals, author Martin Lee tells us that marijuana has been “cultivated by humans since the dawn of agriculture more than 10,000 years ago” (3-4). Early humans were drawn to cannabis because of its many applications and “found uses for virtually every part of the [cannabis] plant” (3-4). Marijuana has served as a source of medicine, fuel, food, rope, clothing, shelter, and more throughout human history and continues to function as a versatile natural resource across the globe.

Emperor Shen Nung
Emperor Shen Nung treated rheumatism and gout with cannabis. (CA Weed blog)

Continue reading “Dr. Aldridge Recommends Relief”