Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road

Emerald Family Farms Logo
Emerald Family Farms, Humboldt County


Humboldt County’s Emerald Family Farms is both a conglomeration of cannabis growers, featuring more than 200 member farms, and a brand name manufacturer of quality, top shelf cannabis products. The company takes great care in growing and nurturing its plants to harvest and features a number of well-known, highly rated strains. Emerald Family Farms manufactures concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, twax joints, and an assortment of fruit flavor vape cartridges, and distributes them, along with pre-packaged flower, in stylish, colorful packaging, throughout California. Continue reading “Emerald Family Farms Takes the High Road”

“Satchmo” Armstrong’s Creator’s Plan

At this stark yet mystical moment of personal reflection and spiritual regeneration, I’m reminded of Louis Armstrong’s vocal cover of Pharoah Sanders’ spiritual jazz epic, “The Creator Has A Master Plan”. It was included on Satchmo’s last release, Louis Armstrong and His Friends, in 1970. Continue reading ““Satchmo” Armstrong’s Creator’s Plan”

Compassion, Cleanliness, Compliance: A Dispensary Story

Compassion Union ext
Compassion Union Dispensary, NoHo. Sleek, modern, earth-toned exterior & interior.

Compassion Union is an upscale, modern, professional cannabis dispensary in North Hollywood, California, selling recreational and medicinal marijuana and related products. While its exterior bears the ever-so-slight familiarity of a just built Starbucks cafe, it’s patient-centered inner sanctum is totally unique in that there are no display counters surrounding and separating customers from budtenders. All the products – vape pods and cartridges, edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, etc. – are displayed in cases along the walls of the room, while the flower strains sit in closed containers on a long table in the middle. Customers self-access the containers’ air hole covers to sample the different terpened aromas and gaze through the small, magnified portal to behold the dazzling crystalline trichomes. When customers have questions, there are budtenders standing by to assist and when closer inspection is required, they will happily pull display items from the shelves . As customers make their selections, budtenders gather the corresponding items from the back room and keep together near the register until the customer is ready to purchase. Continue reading “Compassion, Cleanliness, Compliance: A Dispensary Story”

Best Little Smoke Shop in LA is on Broadway

Broadway Smoke Shop
Broadway Smoke Shop & Accessories in DTLA

Broadway Smoke Shop in downtown Los Angeles is an old school, niche in the wall smoke shop stocked to the rafters with bongs, rigs, bowls, pipes, bangers, papers, carb caps, cleaning solutions, incense, torches, terpenes…any smoking accessory imaginable, they’ve got it.

The shift from brick and mortar stores to on-line vendors has made it very difficult to see / feel / try out a product before purchase. It has also made it challenging to obtain a product on the same day you’re shopping for it. I don’t like making blind on-line purchases and really prefer taking my purchase home the day I pay for it. Unfortunately, smoke shops have largely migrated to virtual storefronts and there are fewer to visit in person. I’m fortunate to have Blues smoke shop in my neighborhood, but I knew there was a better smoke shop out there, and I was determined to find it. Continue reading “Best Little Smoke Shop in LA is on Broadway”

Henry’s Original Fights Fire with Dispensary Donations

Mendocino Complex Fire Map
Mendocino Complex Fire & Other Wildfires Burning in Northern California

I’ve posted previously about my positive experience with Henry’s Original half-gram pre-rolled joints. I came across an article in HIGH TIMES magazine from last week about the near-apocalyptic juggernaut of wildfires burning in Northern California and Henry’s part in supporting victims by partnering with other groups to raise money. Henry’s has placed donation boxes in dispensaries throughout Northern and Southern California in support of North Coast Opportunities (NCO) Wildfire Relief Fund and their efforts to help those who’ve suffered losses. You can help by tossing whatever you can afford into one of these donation boxes on the way out of the dispensary on your next run. Continue reading “Henry’s Original Fights Fire with Dispensary Donations”