Coconut Oil Caps: Homemade Maripills Made Easy

Maricaps in a Filling Machine

One of the many opportunities presented by legalization is that which enables patients and recreational users to create their own “product” at home using flower, shake, trim, leaf, kief, concentrates, etc. After much experimentation with edibles and other home concoctions, I have finally found my ideal product: marijuana caps (aka maricaps, maripills). Continue reading “Coconut Oil Caps: Homemade Maripills Made Easy”

Heroin, Tied to the Mast

Different songs engage us in different ways, depending on our life experiences. Some songs look at simple, everyday experiences but present them in new ways that resonate with us even though we’ve never thought about them in those ways before. Other songs echo experiences we’ve had or corroborate conclusions we’ve drawn, reassuring and comforting us in a fraternal way. Finally, there are those songs that speak to the experiences we know await us, that instill us with fear, enliven us with anticipation, make us sad or giddy, and speak to us with other elements of expectation. These songs communicate the intensity of experiences that we’ve never had, and yet based on what we’ve read and heard about those experiences those songs nonetheless ring true. Even though we’ve not yet had these experiences, we’ve lived with the dread of or thrill for those experiences for many years of our lives.  Continue reading “Heroin, Tied to the Mast”

Baudelaire: Only a Mild Debauchee

by Mathieu Laca

I’m currently taking a slow dive deep into the history of cannabis via Martin A. Lee’s excellent Smoke Signals, published in 2012. Although not current with the rapidly developing legal recreational industry, the history is rock solid and rich in detail. I was intrigued and not a little bemused today when reading about marijuana’s route into Romantic-era France (via colonial Egypt) and its use by those enfant terribles, the original socialist revolutionary punks, the French Romantic poets. What struck me as notable was learning about Baudelaire, the “debauchee’s debauchee“, who became a bit of a marijuana alarmist late in life. Continue reading “Baudelaire: Only a Mild Debauchee”

Touch Tone Tuners & D-E-V-O D-E-V-O-T-E-E-S

Front cover

This is one of those unique artifacts from a bygone aural era, when technological innovation was ad hoc & DIY meant by any means necessary. DEVOTEES is an incredible album – an incredibly weird album – that captures a moment in time, after punk’s “year zero” yet before “new wave” became smooth and overproduced.

This album also gives a hint of what KROQ 106.7 FM was doing at the time, how free form it was and willing to take chances putting out an album like this…after running a listener contest for content submissions. Hands down, the best track on the LP is “Jocko Homo” (there are 2 versions on the LP), arranged for touch tone telephone and recorded by…The Touch Tone Tuners. In 1979 lotsa folks still had rotary telephones, and although touch tone phones were clearly the new normal, there was still a kind of novelty about it. I remember playing out “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the 9, 6 & 3 buttons. Continue reading “Touch Tone Tuners & D-E-V-O D-E-V-O-T-E-E-S”

A Summer Pairing: Topanga Harvest Minis & Timmy Nolan’s Irish Pub

Downstairs bar at Timmy Nolan's
Timmy Nolan’s in Toluca Lake (downstairs)

I’m always looking for new, local spots to satisfy my palate when my meds potentiate my appetite…especially around mealtime. July evenings, after the intense summer heat of the day transitions to mellow, breezy warmth is the perfect time to hit the sidewalks in a perambulatory exploration for a satisfying supper. The optimal walking weather makes it possible to medicate before stepping out for the evening meal, turning the simple quest into a fun adventure. You are probably more likely to encounter restaurants that fail to satisfy if you’re navigating blindly. Yelp is a worthy advance guide to mediate any aimless meandering, which can be devastating if the destination doesn’t meet some basic expectations. Fortunately we did consult Yelp a few nights ago and then navigated about a half mile or so to the unassuming on the outside, yet rollicking on the inside Irish pub & grill called Timmy Nolan’s, located on Riverside in Toluca Lake, CA. Continue reading “A Summer Pairing: Topanga Harvest Minis & Timmy Nolan’s Irish Pub”

Old School Shopping Mall Dirt Bike Racing

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the 70s and 80s, I experienced a youth culture so over-represented in entertainment media and in advertising that when I now look back, it is almost impossible to separate reality from myth. Even though I lived here throughout both decades, seeing the Valley represented in countless movies and tv shows again and again has seriously impacted my memory. It is just too easy to fill in the cognitive gaps with stock footage from, say, the original Bad News Bears or Skateboard, than it is to remember my own youthful skateboarding or dirt bike riding antics.

Diamondback Viper
The coolest kids had Diamondback BMX bikes

Continue reading “Old School Shopping Mall Dirt Bike Racing”

Cannabis Consumerism & the Legalization Blues

I have long supported cannabis legalization for adult, recreational use, but admittedly did not read the fine print before voting to approve. And in all honesty, even after having read a summary of the legal regulations, I remain oblivious to the practical impact of compliance on me as a consumer. The main reason for this, I would argue, is that all dispensaries incorporate the new regulations differently. There remains a pronounced lack of uniformity amongst dispensaries here in Southern California. Continue reading “Cannabis Consumerism & the Legalization Blues”

That Time My Parents Caught Me Smoking Herb in My Bedroom

I was the guy in high school whom each of my friends blamed when their parents found their bongs.

John Candy as "Dr. Braino" on SCTV
SCTV’s “Dr. Braino”

I wasn’t exactly my high school’s Dr. Braino, but by age 15 I was headed in that direction. I talked about cannabis, read about it, listened to songs about it and evoked it all directly and indirectly through my personal style. If nothing else, I presented myself as someone more than willing to buck conventional wisdom, question authority, and open the doors of perception so that I could be free…without being hassled by the man…and get loaded. Continue reading “That Time My Parents Caught Me Smoking Herb in My Bedroom”